Juno. Free Beers. Cereal.

Not really game for some serious clubbing last weekend, a buddy of mine and I decided to do dinner and a movie. If you haven't had the chance to check out an Arclight Cinema, I highly suggest it. And Juno, for that matter (great film!!). It's maybe $1 or $2 more per ticket, but you actually reserve seats in your theater, and there is a bar and a restaurant on site. Of course, right?

After the movie, we decided to brave Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood to meet up with more friends at Red Rock. I've been there once before...it's a great "low key" place (note the quotes because remember this is Hollywood...how low key can you really get?) to have a few non-exorbitantly priced beers, etc. In fact, in my sweater, jeans and flats (remember, I was just at the movies) I got not one but two beers bought for me. Granted the guy was probably pretty tanked (he was ordering patron in a glass on the rocks), but here's how it went down:

Drunk Guy: Have you ordered yet?
Me: No not yet.
DG: What do you want?
Me: Two draft beers.
DG: Both for you, right??
Me: Of course...
DG: Two beers for her!
Me: Thanks! (walk over to Ryan and hand him a beer)

Go figure.

Nothing new and exciting to discuss. This weekend should be fabulous. But two ending thoughts:

I can handle LA traffic, but shutting down the freeway in the middle of the day because some inane person decided to go 100 and flip their car? And now they need to land a helicopter on the freeway? Nice. Note that this has happened about 3 times, and NONE of them were in Los Angeles - Monrovia, Pasadena and Baldwin Park.

And can we just discuss this place?! JuJu Cereal Bar - only in Los Angeles. Hi-larious. I'll have to check it out and get back on that one. Maybe I'll take my cereal fanatic little brother.