Business Cards

Ok, new LA observations. I was at Area on Friday, and every miscreant guy in the LA area decided that was the hot club to hit up that particular evening. If you are unsure about these amazing guys I speak of, I'll help you out next time you might come across one:

1) Fedora hat. This is the official head gear for LA tools and douchebags.

2) Sunglasses in the club. Obviously.

3) Partially unbuttoned shirt. You are not Fabio.

4) Business card. To elaborate: handing out your business card is legit and should be encouraged. But getting cards made at Kinkos for your "promoting" or "event" or "representation" business is NOT legit. Sticking the word "Productions" (Dave and Josh Productions, for instance) on your own name does not a business make. Oh, and if you're going to put a web address on the card, make sure you've actually gotten a site made and not just purchased the domain at some cheapdomain.com site, because I in fact WILL visit the site from my blackberry as you're trying to convince my friend that she should come check out your demo after hours.

BONUS: Any guy drinking out of a martini glass.


fmlyoung said...

I love it! "I will check out your website on my Blackberry..." Soo true. Oh Shannyn, you are so LA, you have so much to teach me if I move down there!