Spago in Beverly Hills

I can’t believe I forgot to write about this, but it just has to be said – Spago is just fab. In true LA fashion, a couple weeks ago we closed a deal at work and lunched at this Wolfgang Puck hotspot in Beverly Hills, proceeding to order drinks, an appetizer, entrees and dessert. Yum! The menus are printed daily to include all specialty items, and the color napkin you get (white or black) depends on the color of your pants/skirt. Tres chic. The gin mojito is quite excellent, as is the lobster cobb salad.


The Grove

Finally I got to experience the amazingness that is The Grove! It is a capitalism dream of shops, restaurants, a theater...luckily I wasn't there to shop, or I would have come home in the poor house. Drinks at The Whisper Lounge (amazing wine!) and The Cheesecake Factory was enough for the evening. Yum. =)


Ode to a Los Angeles Rooftop

While I'm sure it's not quite permissible to go onto my rooftop, it doesn’t help that the ladder and an open hatch sit directly outside my apartment’s front door. So on Sunday, with traffic at the beach at an excessive high (driving around Venice for an hour and a half looking for parking less than $25.50 isn’t the best way to spend a hot Sunday afternoon), I decided to partake in a little rooftop sunshine. And there I realized...I really live in the center of it all. Need proof? Click each pic for full size.

Century City (I work on the 33rd floor of one of the two towers on the right)...

The Hollywood sign...

Downtown Los Angeles (hi Buck!)...

Santa Monica/the ocean...

And Sony studios, just for kicks (hi Brill and Laura!)...


Urth Cafe

If you are willing to brave long lines and celebrity sightings, I highly recommend Urth Cafe. While there are a few locations, I was lucky enough to partake in the Beverly Hills location on Beverly Drive. Hip to the organic vibe, it is a laid back cafĂ© with delicious coffee and a drool-worthy menu. I ordered a latte (strong) and the berry bowl, yum! Make sure to get there early though...this place can get massively crowded...though I didn’t see any celebs when I was in there. Still waiting for my first sighting!


Father's Office

At the recommendation of a partner in my firm, I decided to check out Father's Office with my girls. I was told this was the best burger in town, and that may be pretty accurate. This place was great! It's a pub with a fun menu (though really, just get the burger, and a mini shopping cart of french fries or sweet potato fries!) - and while it only serves beer and wine, the selection is immense, with terrific beers on tap! The place is kind of small, but def. a great place to chill with a small group of friends and gossip about the ridiculousness of life. ;-)