Just a few more amazing places

Clearly I have been a horrible blogger, and instead of sneaking these posts in where they should be, I’m going to just do a massive LA review right here and now.

Let me just say that I have been hard-pressed to find a restaurant that I haven’t loved. Too much good food in LA? Too easy to please? Probably a combination of both. So here goes:

A birthday dinner at this hot West Hollywood eatery finally got me in the door, as it’s a bit of a hike from my place (read: over 15 mins). The secret is this: every food item and non-alcoholic drink on the menu is ½ off on Sundays! I would HIGHLY recommend this place and plan to go back this weekend to take an out of town friend. Thank you, Dolce Group.

(PS: Word on the street is that Dolce and Geisha House are ½ off as well, Mondays and Tuesdays, respectively. Stay tuned, I plan to find out myself.)

Happy Endings
A friend’s birthday brought me to this fun bar – a bit of a hike from my place, but well worth it. Try the dessert shot set – an oatmeal cookie shot, a PB&J shot and a chocolate cake shot!

Whist at the Viceroy
Exceptional! That’s all I can say to describe this place. After hours of research on where to take a friend for her well-deserved graduation from law school, I found Whist. The pool-side setting (we reserved a lunch cabana for 10 people) was divine, almost surreal! It was a cross between French modern and Alice in Wonderland, in my opinion. The staff was amazing, and sent us a bottle of champagne to toast my friend’s graduation. I will definitely be back to this place!

Tofu Ya
Monday dinner with three girlfriends and myself brought us to this place. Yum, yum! Lots of food, and the soups and barbecue are exceptional.

Gloria’s Café
Another Monday dinner with the girls...we decided to walk down Venice Blvd and see what we found, after a too-long wait for Natalee Thai. Mexican and El Salvadorian food is the specialty at Gloria’s, and the sangria, fried plantains and steak are amazing. The location could be overlooked, but I recommend this place.


Tim and Laura said...

Ooo! Awesome info about the Dolce restaurants. I like half-off!