LA Birthday Debauchery

A run-down of the most amazing, fabulous birthday weekend I’ve experienced thus far.

Thursday Night –
My best friend flew into LAX from the SF Bay Area. We went to Irish Times a bar just a few blocks from my apartment. Random location, under the freeway practically, but this place is DARLING and I will most definitely be heading back there. Loves it!

Friday –

After a half day at work, I picked up Rach and we headed over to the Century City Westfield mall. Love this place – plus it’s a block from my office, so we’re pretty much regulars over there for lunch on a weekly basis. We did a bit of shopping, then hit up Pink Taco’s happy hour. After three hours of food and drinks the bill was only $45 – phenomenal, thank you 2 for 1 drink specials! A few more of the girls met up with us for Sex and the City opening night, and although we got there an HOUR before showtime, we were still towards the end of the line. Go figure! LOVED the movie. Seriously, amazing. After the film I finally got my first LA celeb sighting – Michelle Trachtenberg had caught the flick with some of her friends. I’m a fan of her, so that was awesome. The night was done and done after that – so tired!

Saturday –

My birthday! Yippee! Woke up and went to 3rd Street Promenade for more shopping/Farmer’s Market. After hurrying home at noonish, my family showed up with my new couches and bday goodies! Sprinkles cupcakes, presents, and we FINALLY had our cable and internet installed. All excellent presents.

Dinner at Father’s Office, then getting ready for ridiculous birthday antics at The Parlor in Santa Monica. Mucho thanks to all my incredible friends who came out to celebrate with me – I had fun, probably too much fun! But birthdays come only once a year, right?

Sunday –

After a lot of laying around watching TV, we hit up Ketchup for ½ off Sunday dinner. Yet again, amazing...I really do enjoy this place.

*tear* no more birthday debauchery for another year! But that’s OK...I’m not ready to get any older just yet, hah.


Tim and Laura said...

Shannyn!!!! I didn't know you had a blog, but Brill just informed me. I just started one this week, so you're on my "friends" list now. :)

p.s. Pink Taco happy hour ROCKS!