Volleyball and Spiked Lemonade

Anyone near a beach in California should be required to hit up AVP – a bunch of hot volleyball players and a laid back beach vibe? Yes please! Lucky for me, I have a friend who lives practically beachside in the lovely Hermosa Beach, so we hiked it over to the boardwalk to partake in some drinks and boys in boardshorts. We hit up Hennessey’s and were feeling pretty fabulous after 3 spiked lemonades and some irish nachos. We commingled with the AVP crew for a bit, then decided a nap on the beach was in order. I haven’t been in the water at the beach in years, so I waded out a bit...it’s really the simple things like that that are the best. And make me feel pretty blessed to live in such close proximity to the SoCal beach anytime I feel like tanning past my own rooftop!