Glow 08

Santa Monica decided to be innovative this year, and “borrow” a concept (Nuit Blanche) from France. They dubbed it “Glow” and advertised an all night art instillation. Honestly, the advertising projected it more as an all night party (or even a rave?) so that’s exactly the types that turned out. But I have to say, I loved the idea and I hope they continue to do this annually, perhaps with some tweaks. The beaches and pier of Santa Monica at all hours of the night with your 50,000 closest neighbors? Pretty amazing if you ask me. And don't get any ideas...I was sober for this adventure.

The website:

The concept:
"Glow will fill the hours between dusk to dawn with compelling, enchanting and effervescent sights and sounds situated in spaces and times that expand possibilities for where, how and when the public experiences contemporary art.
With the historic Santa Monica Pier and adjacent world-famous Santa Monica Beach as their space, artists were commissioned to create unique and inviting works of art that welcome the public to be both audience and actor for twelve celebratory hours. Inspired by the wildly successful Nuit Blanche in Paris, Glow takes its spirit from the fabled grunion that live in local waters and come ashore several times a year to spawn in the sand creating a momentary sensation of iridescence."

The way I saw it (click for full size):