If sushi is your style...

A birthday is always cause for celebration, and celebrate we did for my friend Carly at Sushi Roku – a fabulous place on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, right across the street from the beach. While frankly I can’t recall the different types of sushi we ordered (Caterpillar Rolls? Spider rolls? Soft shell crab?), they were all fantastic. I also decided to venture out a bit from our group and order a glass of mid-priced sake...and let me tell you, all you sake haters, this is the way to go! Warm $3 sake over sake bombs in college can’t TOUCH this yummy stuff...it would be comparing a glass of Andre to a glass of Moet. After dinner, we checked out Frogo on Wilshire, also in Santa Monica. Very similar to Pinkberry, but it’s always great to try the competition. They get brownie points from me for giving me extra Fruity Pebbles for my concoction (original tart flavor, with Fruity Pebbles and Mochi. Yum!).