Good Morning, LA.

Waking up at 5am and getting to work at 6 provides a very unique view of the city of LA. Quiet, foggy, peaceful...

From the 33rd floor of my building, I got to watch the city wake up this morning.

Photo courtesy of victor vicia


the grass is always greener...

I'm feeling amazingly refreshed after a weekend in the bay with my best friend. I could go on about all the fun something and nothings that we did, but this pretty much sums it up:

Hiking in Los Gatos -

Shopping at Valley Fair -

Lots of this -

And some of this, for good measure -



In tune with my cooking adventures, I signed up for a cooking class at Hipcooks West with a friend of mine. We decided to take the “Persian Immersian” class and I was so inspired! Obviously I love cooking, but I haven’t really ventured too far into the world of multicultural cooking. Mostly, this is just due to the fact that regular grocery stores don’t carry the specialty ingredients needed, and I don’t know many (and when I say many, I mean ANY) good local ethnic grocery stores. We made:

Persian-style meatballs with flatbread & Salad-e Shirazi: Herbed meatballs, baked flatbread, mixed greens, and a yogurt/cucumber/lemon/herb dressing.
Khoresht Fesenjaan: Chicken in a walnut-pomegranate sauce.
Shirin-Polow: Chicken with jeweled rice.
Rosewater and Cardamom ice cream: Yum!

I am so excited to try these recipes in my own kitchen...hopefully I will have the time soon. I will definitely be going back to Hipcooks – probably for the Japanese class and the tapas class! Even if you're not in LA, look up local cooking classes, they are pretty fantastic.



My friend posted this on her blog...it doesn't get much more LA than this!

Courtesy of http://chloechic.blogspot.com



An impromptu road trip took me to the bay area this weekend, to surprise my best friend for her birthday. Leaving at 6:45am Saturday morning was actually pretty awesome...no traffic, just me, the road, my car and my ipod. Driving over the Grapevine, up the 5, across the 152...and driving around the bay made me a little nostalgic. I didn’t think that would ever happen. It truly is a beautiful place, though...from the hills of the East Bay to the forests of the Los Gatos area. And driving along the 152 is pretty breathtaking itself...

Here are some lovely photos from other photographers who documented parts of the 152...

Photo courtesy of NVphotos247

Photo courtesy of NVphotos247


Fall in Los Angeles

The turning of the rest of the seasons never hits me as hard as summer to fall. Since the seasons aren’t each as defined as other places, you have to look hard in Southern California. But once you find it, it can be very rewarding. Some of my favorite fall things:

*Cloudy days, and the color the ocean turns under the clouds.
*Fall clothes – sweaters, boots, tights, etc.
*Fall foliage (yes, it’s been known to happen around these parts!)
*Pumpkin Spice lattes
*Fall store window displays – especially for Halloween!
*Buying my first pumpkin of the season
*Homemade toasted pumpkin seeds
*My two favorite Halloween movies, which I have to watch every year:

Fall always makes me nostalgic to the days where new pencils and binders were the best part of the year, and a Halloween candy stash could last weeks.

“Autumn in Los Angeles” photo courtesy of ilmungo on Flickr


Not your frat-house posters

I stumbled across this poster website awhile back, and finally purchased two posters to frame in my apartment. I love the colors and how they embrace Los Angeles as I see it – warm, from a distance, under the palm trees.


LA County Fair

Contrary to the title of the fair, this is less of a LA phenomenon and more of an inland trend. Being from Rancho Cucamonga myself originally, the LA County Fair is a hot commodity every year, with a pretty good concert series to boot.

When I found out Sugarland was playing on the first weekend of the fair (this past weekend), I made it my priority to go with three of my friends. Expectations were met and exceeded! We had a blast eating fair food (worst kind of food ever for you, and of course, subsequently, the most amazing), drinking overpriced beers and margaritas, and rocking out with thousands of country fans.

I was able to try the new Bud Light Lime, and was very pleasantly surprised. It was great! I am a new fan. We were also able to grub on BBQ beef sandwiches, funnel cake, and a deep fried cheeseburger which wasn’t nearly as amazing as it sounded, in my opinion.

After the concert, we bought 10 ride tickets, good for 2 decent rides. We picked some crazy one where it straps you in and whirls you all over the place – I don’t think I’ll ever go back on! I felt pretty sick afterwards, if for nothing other than being dizzy. We used our last tickets to ride the ferris wheel, and then called it a night – getting called “cowboy girls” on the walk back to the car. Guess the boots gave it away.

Hopefully I’ll be able to go back before the fair rolls out of town to check out the exhibitions!


90210 (v.2)

So I admit, I had to watch the premiere of the new and "improved" 90210 last night on the CW. And honestly, I'm pretty annoyed. I feel like they took an amazing thing – a cult classic TV show – and forced a mediocre version upon the 18-40 year old demographic that supposedly watched last night. I rewatched an original series episode from Season 5 to remind myself why I fell in love with this show in the first place.

In the original series, they took their time with character development, action and drama. I feel like, overall, new shows are too hard pressed to create a big bang with a first episode, or push some kind of “hook,” because they are fearful of being cut after day 1. This new 90210 had way too much going on with everyone. I could barely learn each character’s name (of course, I caught Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez delivering the morning news, and Erin Silver as a sharp-tongued blogger). And don't even get me started on Nat trying to work a cappuccino machine. It makes me crave a mega-burger.

It’s like the network is trying to hook in the older age group by dangling seasoned characters in front of them, while trying to keep the younger group excited with drama, beauty, drugs and the “mystique” of Beverly Hills – really just an overhyped soap, not the fun ensemble that thrived in the original.

I could go on, but this is a great addition to what I have to say...