LA County Fair

Contrary to the title of the fair, this is less of a LA phenomenon and more of an inland trend. Being from Rancho Cucamonga myself originally, the LA County Fair is a hot commodity every year, with a pretty good concert series to boot.

When I found out Sugarland was playing on the first weekend of the fair (this past weekend), I made it my priority to go with three of my friends. Expectations were met and exceeded! We had a blast eating fair food (worst kind of food ever for you, and of course, subsequently, the most amazing), drinking overpriced beers and margaritas, and rocking out with thousands of country fans.

I was able to try the new Bud Light Lime, and was very pleasantly surprised. It was great! I am a new fan. We were also able to grub on BBQ beef sandwiches, funnel cake, and a deep fried cheeseburger which wasn’t nearly as amazing as it sounded, in my opinion.

After the concert, we bought 10 ride tickets, good for 2 decent rides. We picked some crazy one where it straps you in and whirls you all over the place – I don’t think I’ll ever go back on! I felt pretty sick afterwards, if for nothing other than being dizzy. We used our last tickets to ride the ferris wheel, and then called it a night – getting called “cowboy girls” on the walk back to the car. Guess the boots gave it away.

Hopefully I’ll be able to go back before the fair rolls out of town to check out the exhibitions!


Jennifer said...

Since fair time is over in Northern CA (and I won't be taking any trips to Six Flags in the near future)I decided to make funnel cakes at home. They turned out delish! Thanks for the inspiration.

Oh - and I coupled it with a corndog (or two)for the FULL effect!

No margaritas or beer though. :(

By the way - Matt wanted me to tell you "thanks" for blogging about your fair food. It goes over well with a 7 months pregnant person, and Matt ends up having to have his arm twisted too. Bummer.

Done rambling.....

fmlyoung said...

When I was in England last year my aunt bought lime beers for us when we went boating on the sea - perfect picnic/boating/beach beer. I'm glad they've brought it over here, though the ones we had weren't Bud, they were some Belgian brand I think? Must try those ones.

If I haven't found a job by next spring (!!!), I'm entering my best cake into the local county fair food competition!!