This is serious business.

An ordinance for silly string? Apparently this is no laughing matter. Check it out here.

Note to self: If going out in LA on All Hallows Eve, leave the silly string at home! For another holiday, perhaps?...

It's almost time for tricks and treats!

Halloween on a Friday this year? I'm sure I'm not alone in saying...finally! Hopefully you have a costume already. I went to Ursula's Costumes in Santa Monica earlier this week, and there was a line out the door!

Some fun weekend ideas for those of you without plans yet...

Halloween Events for Grown-Ups

Best Halloween Parties


Don't vote? No - vote!

All the words that need to be said for this are right there in it. So watch. And vote.

When I say sake...you say...


Some friends and I decided to check out two Japanese restaurants in downtown Culver City last night – one for food and ambiance, the other for sake bombing.We got our grub on at K-Zo (too quiet and classy for sake bombing-type shenanigans), and then headed down to Kaizuka for some post-dinner sake bombs. We sat outside on the patio so as not to disturb the inside customers (and to entertain any passerbys). Several sake bombs later, we each got out of there under $20! Most excellent. I will definitely be back to this place.


Happy Friday!


I hope everyone has a fun and relaxing weekend planned. I am heading down to San Diego myself tomorrow, to enjoy this amazing weather. I love SoCal. Happy Friday!

Cause this is thrillerrrrrrr....

Seriously - this is hilarious. If you will be in town, please go, take pictures, and send them to me immediately.


Paparazzi vs. Selma Blair.

Thank goodness for the invention of Google reader (and the fact that Google is basically taking over the world). On almost a daily basis, I stumble across things that shock, offend or thoroughly amuse me.

Today, that amusement came in the form of Selma Blair.



I was tagged by CHLOE'S CHÍC CONCEPTION...so here goes...

Six Random Facts About Myself:

I am a lighting designer...by hobby. I considered grad school for an MFA, got offers a few places, then decided to continue pursuing law. A dream of mine was realized last fall, though, when I got paid to design a show in Northern California. Check out some of my work here.

I don’t really love "LA". But I’m talking about the idea of LA that everyone has...Hollywood Boulevard, being in the entertainment industry, broken dreams. I am much more a beach girl, and can’t wait to live in a beach community again someday. West LA will have to do for now.

I love playing poker (Texas Hold’um) but am terrified to play at a casino...I’m scared I’ll be laughed away.

ian of leam

I am an organizational freak, though sometimes my room is messy. My OCD tendancies can be found in my office...in my alphabetized DVD collection...in my Itunes collection...in the matching hangers in my closet...

che moleman

I used to work at Blockbuster, but I haven’t seen many movies that are considered “must sees.” I am working on this.

I don’t drink coffee. At all. Used to love the stuff, but I felt like I was totally addicted to it, so now I only drink tea...and it’s a great excuse to buy yummy expensive tea!


Six values that are important to me: keeping in touch with amazing people, a glass of good wine, getting a full night’s sleep whenever possible, having an open mind, having my own office, a wicked sense of humor

Six negative points I condemn: hypocricy, flakiness, high school type drama, not having a window in my office, the current economic state, lack of attention to details

the rules for everyone, including my tagees:

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Write six random things about yourself/ 6 important values and negative points you condemn.
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Let the tagger know your entry is up.

I tag anyone who reads this post...hey, it’s fun!

Still burning...

(Mel Melcon /Los Angeles Times)

(Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)

Stay Updated Here



AP Photo/Dan Steinberg

Above is a photo of the current Marek/Little Tujunga fire.

To go along with my earlier post...I hope everyone in the Valley is alright and the firefighters battling this fire are staying safe!

To follow the wildfire info as it updates...here is a good source...as well as the LA Times Local.

Truly LA.

A great little story about Los Angeles...


It must be fall...

The winds have been blowing here in SoCal...in addition to the quick drop in temperature. I love this weather! It reminds me that fall is my favorite...dry and crackly and windy. But it's also wildfire season...Santa Ana season...

Photo by lierne

Photo by Kevin Labianco

I also adore this photo - Santa Ana Autumn.


Off to Santa Barbara

(Yes, I actually took this pic...thanks to an amazing friend who took me flying back in May of 2006!)

I'm off to lovely Santa Barbara this weekend! Can't wait to spend it with some of my favorite people.

Also - I'll be heading to the Santa Barbara County Harvest Festival on Sunday. Hopefully I'll be bringing back some yummy wines.

Have a great weekend!


Neiman Marcus Holiday Catalog!

Is it that time of year already? I haven’t even bought candy for trick or treaters, and the Neiman Marcus holiday catalog is already upon us. If you haven’t had the chance to peruse it, I would highly recommend it. Especially if you have a few hundred thousand (or a cool million or two) lying around. Or maybe, you're lucky enough to be an AIG Executive. Enjoy!