I was tagged by CHLOE'S CHÍC CONCEPTION...so here goes...

Six Random Facts About Myself:

I am a lighting designer...by hobby. I considered grad school for an MFA, got offers a few places, then decided to continue pursuing law. A dream of mine was realized last fall, though, when I got paid to design a show in Northern California. Check out some of my work here.

I don’t really love "LA". But I’m talking about the idea of LA that everyone has...Hollywood Boulevard, being in the entertainment industry, broken dreams. I am much more a beach girl, and can’t wait to live in a beach community again someday. West LA will have to do for now.

I love playing poker (Texas Hold’um) but am terrified to play at a casino...I’m scared I’ll be laughed away.

ian of leam

I am an organizational freak, though sometimes my room is messy. My OCD tendancies can be found in my office...in my alphabetized DVD collection...in my Itunes collection...in the matching hangers in my closet...

che moleman

I used to work at Blockbuster, but I haven’t seen many movies that are considered “must sees.” I am working on this.

I don’t drink coffee. At all. Used to love the stuff, but I felt like I was totally addicted to it, so now I only drink tea...and it’s a great excuse to buy yummy expensive tea!


Six values that are important to me: keeping in touch with amazing people, a glass of good wine, getting a full night’s sleep whenever possible, having an open mind, having my own office, a wicked sense of humor

Six negative points I condemn: hypocricy, flakiness, high school type drama, not having a window in my office, the current economic state, lack of attention to details

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I tag anyone who reads this post...hey, it’s fun!


Chloe's Chic Conception said...

I loooooove your six random facts :) I knew some of them but not all

Love ya!