Hitting the slopes!

(from my Tahoe trip last year)

So with all the talk of snow and cold, it should come as no surprise that I'm heading off to Big Bear this weekend to partake in some snowboarding with a group of friends! I went to ZJ Boarding House last night over in Santa Monica with my friend - she needed to get her bindings fitted on her board and I needed to drool on all of the amazing gear...and possibly buy a pair of boarding boots. Possibly turned into reality and I bought an adorable pair of boots, as well as some goggles and a new beanie! I also rented my board there, a pretty hot new board that hasn't even been ridden yet. I am pretty much ready to ride. They were so amazing there, helpful and informed...I will definitely be back to this place...probably to rent this season and buy my own board next season.

Cheers to winter and snow, and happy Friday!


fmlyoung said...

If you come to Tahoe this year, let me know because we live on the way to the South shore, and near the fwy that goes to North shore. I miss you! xoxo