Dear Fairfax Ave...

LA Wad

The Grove may be a typical LA experience, but Fairfax Ave. - I am convinced you are the worst street in LA. I'd rather drive down Sunset on a Friday night that deal with you. Fairfax - you are officially on the "not" list.


Happy Friday!

It's cold and rainy here in LA, but hopefully we'll get a little bit of sun over the weekend. I guess I can't complain too loudly...LA is still so temperate compared to the rest of the country.

Before I'm off to play for the weekend, check out this awesome designer - Hillery Rebeka Sproatt - currently based out of Baltimore, Maryland. She was born and raised in Los Angeles and launched Rebe (who I have featured before) with her mother, Debra Weiss. Check out some of her talent on her site, and check out her etsy site here.

Cheers and happy weekend!


Typical CA Holiday Weekend.

For the holiday weekend, I went from snowboarding on the slopes of Big Bear:

to wine tasting in Santa Ynez:

in a matter of two days. I love California! And my new favorite winery is Brander. A totally personal experience and if you go on Monday or Friday you'll get Mark - he's great!


Change is here.


If I Were A Boy.

I'm not a fan of Beyonce...or this song really...but the video is rockin' a pretty powerful message.



What do YOU do in the wintertime?

LAist posted this fabulous photo blog of what Los Angelenos like to partake in during the winter months. Because - of course - it's a balmy 80 degrees today in LA.


Kindness to Raccoons.

Diablo Cody posted this on her myspace blog last year (on my birthday, apparently!). Yep, my bleeding heart made me repost it here.

Happy weekend folks!

Headbands - so hot right now.

Check out my friend Andrea's fabulous headbands. You're nobody til you have a shop set up on etsy. ;-)


Cheers, it's 2009!

Whoa – a new year is upon us! 2008 is gone with all its shenanigans. How did that happen?

I managed to get in: another snowboarding trip, some quality family time, and a 4 day amazing whirlwind trip to the bay area for New Years over my vacation.

Before heading back to work this Monday, I also managed to catch a Sunday evening show of The Groundlings - and man, are they great! I haven't seen any shows in ages and it definitely made me miss that whole world. Hey, I have a whole new year to hit up some LA theater and comedy hot spots, right?

I think a list of things to do this year might be in order. I'm going to work on that and perhaps post some of the fun ones.

Cheers to 2009!