Oh Happy Friday.

Photo from LAist Featured Photos

It's been a long week, so I am particularly excited about the weekend! In the immediate plans: Beer Pong tonight at El Guapo then a matinee of RENT at the Pantages tomorrow.

Photo by randem

Random thoughts for a Friday:

I'd love to check out one of these trips, even though I'm lucky enough to be employed right now. Or I could just go all out and go on one of these life changing adventures.

I really miss ChloƩ's blog. Could we rally her to start it up again?

I'm all about the Meercats at the LA Zoo...who's coming with me?

And who says you can't go home again?

Cheers to the weekend!


For a few laughs...

I loved this write up on one of my favorite comedians. Seriously. He's great.


Spend those giftcards now.

Because you probably won't have use for them at any of these companies pretty soon. Sad, sad.



This...is toooooo amazing.


Facebook Etiquette.

Life has been crazy busy lately, but as most of us Facebook these days, this was pretty amusing to me: Facebook Etiquette Rules. I especially like #1 but wish it would just say "Don't create a fake page. Ever." Hilar.