Happy Friday!

oh, childhood! How excited am I for this movie:

Are you participating in Earth Hour 2009??

E*star LA wrote a great post about Twitter etiquette - I've got to read up on these things now that I'm twittering.

Kelly Clarkson has a great sense of humor!

Luckily my little brother was never this crazy.

coco+kelley is doing a great series on office interiors. I am in love with this office. Truly. Love.

My favorite sporting goods store back home is closing shop. I wish I had time to go buy a snowboard and all the gear, for next season...

Cheers and have a great weekend!


I am officially on Twitter.

Tweet tweet. I have no idea about this.


Adam Lambert.

I've been so wishy-washy with my favorites this season on American Idol...the first season I've watched since Season 1 (yea Kelly!). Back then, I knew Kelly was going to win on the first note of R-E-S-P-E-C-T in the top 36 (or was it 30 back then? I don't remember).

Last night Adam Lambert, someone I've had mixed feelings about (especially after his terrifying and creepy Johnny Cash rendition), sang one of my all time favorite songs. And he did great. If I cared enough to vote he'd get mine!


Kenneth Pattengale

I had the pleasure of hearing some tunes from this terrific musician on Saturday, as he was the musical guest at Fries on the Side. Listen to "Charlie" on his website and check him out on Itunes. He is amazingly talented and I have no doubt will be gaining an audience everywhere he goes!


Brunch and bloody marys...

Who comes off a weekend feeling like they need a break from their break? Story of my life. All I'd like to be doing today is sitting somewhere brunching on eggs and bloody marys.

Well my friends, hope is out there. A couple friends of mine started this fun blog - Bloody Marys in Los Angeles: A-Z - to organize their quest for the perfect bloody mary in LA. Cheers to that...I'm one step behind you ladies!


Another week winding down...

Another weekend is nearly upon us. While my weekend is already jam packed with shenanigans of several sorts, the main event is this:

Check out their site at Friesontheside.com.

Full report on the show will be had after Saturday!


By round of applause, how do you feel?

(sneaky camera phone shot!)

One of my favorite things about LA is its unpredictability. Yesterday I was blogging about Dane Cook, then 12 hours later, I was 10 feet from him, seeing him perform at the Laugh Factory.

My expectations were low when I was rallied (last minute!) to this montage of performers. I bought a VIP ticket for $30 (with general admission at $20) and it was the best investment I’ve ever made, strolling into the club after doors opened with no problem at all.

The show started a little late due to the large crowd and some door shenanigans, apparently, but it was oh-so-worth-it. Seeing one of my favorite comedians perform in such an intimate space really was incredible. And knowing that his venue sold-out tours are about three times the price I paid definitely made this even more worth while!

Any Dane Cook fan (or anyone who despises him for that matter) knows that he has a tendency to recycle (and “borrow” – I’m being nice here) jokes. So I half expected him to ramble on about punching bees in the face, nothing fights, car alarm songs and the like. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please go swallow a knife.

Well I was pleasantly surprised to hear a great set of all new material from the current golden child of frat house comedy. Whether he was testing out new material for his next CD or heckling audience members (the reason I don't sit up front!), he nailed it.

Daniel Tosh and Finesse Mitchell were icing on the cake of a hilarious night, amongst other talented performers as well.

Being almost too tired to wake up after getting home at 1:30am was incredibly worth it. Dane – thanks for the laughs, as always. Oh, and in true LA fashion, Ron Jeremy was hanging out in the back row. No, not literally...just a fan of the comedy perhaps.

More comedy is in my very near future! But that’s a post for...tomorrow perhaps ;-)


Laurel Tavern.

Being a resident of the westside, I rarely venture anywhere else in LA without a purpose. So whenever I hear about amazing new spots from one of the copious blogs I subscribe to, I usually bookmark it then never end up going. But when I saw a posting on LAist awhile back about Laurel Tavern in Studio City, I was pretty amped on this spot. Then I found out that it is literally a block from my boyfriend's place! Well well...my purpose had arrived. We finally hit it up on Friday for dinner/drinks, and I was pretty impressed. It was busy but we were immediately able to grab a table. It is situated very much like Father's Office (and I adore that place) - free for all tables, chalkboards with the menu and drink list, and a rustic, not-too-divey but not-too-trendy feel.

I ordered the Laurel Burger and fries...which were served much like the Father's Office burgers. The fries were outstanding...and french fries are one of my favorites so I'm pretty picky. Salty and crunchy, and didn't lose their heat too quicky (no gross cold fries here). The burger was good - the bun was tasty but the actual meat could have probably handled a little more seasoning. I ordered the Telegraph California Ale (from Santa Barbara, how could I resist) followed by the Anderson Valley Oatmeal Stout...a perfect dessert/night cap.

Address - 11938 Ventura Blvd, Studio City, CA 91604 (# 818.506.0777)

Bar Hours
Mon-Fri, 4pm-2am
Sat & Sun, 12pm-2am

Kitchen Hours
Mon-Fri, 5pm - 11pm
Sat and Sun - Open at Noon


I love spring daylight savings!

No, of course I don't love losing an hour of sleep, but the rewards more than make up for it. I have an office with no window, which means if I work through the lunch hour, my chances of seeing post 9am daylight are slim to none. So the joys of getting off work when it is still full daylight out are endless!

Random thoughts for this week:

The sleepwalking dog (see above) is my favorite video this week (well, last week) so far!

Dane Cook is performing at the Laugh Factory tonight. To which LAist has to say - "Dane Cook, 10p Laugh Factory. What a tough call... You can stay outside so your car won’t get stolen, or go inside and know that all your jokes will. SNAPPP." Hilarious

I wish I was as cool as this guy.

A list of ways car dealers make money for anyone thinking about a car purchase.

An amazing site that reminds me of the scope of the internet - Things Bears Love!


My first Youtube shoutout...from a 4 month old!

Tristan (aka baby Banana) sent me a shoutout! Don't worry Jen, I'll make him giggle when I see him!