By round of applause, how do you feel?

(sneaky camera phone shot!)

One of my favorite things about LA is its unpredictability. Yesterday I was blogging about Dane Cook, then 12 hours later, I was 10 feet from him, seeing him perform at the Laugh Factory.

My expectations were low when I was rallied (last minute!) to this montage of performers. I bought a VIP ticket for $30 (with general admission at $20) and it was the best investment I’ve ever made, strolling into the club after doors opened with no problem at all.

The show started a little late due to the large crowd and some door shenanigans, apparently, but it was oh-so-worth-it. Seeing one of my favorite comedians perform in such an intimate space really was incredible. And knowing that his venue sold-out tours are about three times the price I paid definitely made this even more worth while!

Any Dane Cook fan (or anyone who despises him for that matter) knows that he has a tendency to recycle (and “borrow” – I’m being nice here) jokes. So I half expected him to ramble on about punching bees in the face, nothing fights, car alarm songs and the like. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please go swallow a knife.

Well I was pleasantly surprised to hear a great set of all new material from the current golden child of frat house comedy. Whether he was testing out new material for his next CD or heckling audience members (the reason I don't sit up front!), he nailed it.

Daniel Tosh and Finesse Mitchell were icing on the cake of a hilarious night, amongst other talented performers as well.

Being almost too tired to wake up after getting home at 1:30am was incredibly worth it. Dane – thanks for the laughs, as always. Oh, and in true LA fashion, Ron Jeremy was hanging out in the back row. No, not literally...just a fan of the comedy perhaps.

More comedy is in my very near future! But that’s a post for...tomorrow perhaps ;-)