I love spring daylight savings!

No, of course I don't love losing an hour of sleep, but the rewards more than make up for it. I have an office with no window, which means if I work through the lunch hour, my chances of seeing post 9am daylight are slim to none. So the joys of getting off work when it is still full daylight out are endless!

Random thoughts for this week:

The sleepwalking dog (see above) is my favorite video this week (well, last week) so far!

Dane Cook is performing at the Laugh Factory tonight. To which LAist has to say - "Dane Cook, 10p Laugh Factory. What a tough call... You can stay outside so your car won’t get stolen, or go inside and know that all your jokes will. SNAPPP." Hilarious

I wish I was as cool as this guy.

A list of ways car dealers make money for anyone thinking about a car purchase.

An amazing site that reminds me of the scope of the internet - Things Bears Love!