It is not respectful to overshadow the deaths of legends like Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett with Michael Jackson, but as a child of the 80s, I need to pay my respects. I don't know one person my age (I'm 25) who wasn't inspired in some way by Michael Jackson...who didn't practice the moonwalk (horribly) for hours on end and listen to Thriller on repeat on their walkman. It wasn't just me, right?

One of my favorite tributes to Michael was when I was a junior in college. I took advanced lighting design, and while several students were choosing slow passionate songs full of rich deep colors and slow fades, I chose "Bad" by Michael Jackson. Just the intro alone had the potential to ruin me...three quick beats followed by a rapid succession song. I think it was a pretty unexpected choice because after the quick (successful!) intro, the class gave a quick clap and cheer. What a blast to see a favorite song in bursts of color across a proscenium stage. It was probably a small dream of mine to light the legend himself. As if I could have done him justice.

I hope you are moonwalking for Farrah and Ed across heaven tonight, Michael!