August starts tomorrow, and is bringing events into my life every single weekend, ending with a big trip to New York at the end of the month. I will find any excuse possible to shop for a new outfit...especially if it involved the hunt for the perfect sundress. With an engagement party for friends, a few birthdays, meeting the bf’s family in upstate New York and a horse race (which I’m pretending is exactly like the Kentucky Derby so I can dress accordingly), I have lots of opportunities for sundresses in my life! Only adding to this is the fact that I’ve been warned that upstate New York in August is some of the worst humidity in the world. I’d better get shopping!

UPDATE: I bought the denim sundress pictured above from American Eagle. Love!!



After recently visiting the Long Beach aquarium, my boyfriend got to see my love for all things in the ocean. I especially adore the touch tank for the sting rays. Anyone who hasn't seen these guys in action is seriously missing out. Their name is so menacing but these guys are so friendly - they are like little puppies coming up to you, fighting for attention and showing off to gain some love and petting by their vistors. So when he sent me this snopes article, it made my day. So beautiful!



I have probably seen more movies in theaters in the past 6 months than in the past 6 years. I have my screenwriter boyfriend to thank for this, who is all about checking out new releases. I have to admit, it's fun but it's definitely raised my standard of a good movie, when I am seeing at least one a week.

Lately, I have been so disappointed in movies I've been highly anticipating (Public Enemies, Bruno, The Ugly Truth...the list could go on). So leave it to a movie I was downright hesitant to see...Orphan...to blow me away.

More than being a horror film, this movie is just a well done film from shocking start to finish. It never takes the safe choice and not only is the creepy-factor well done, so is everything else. The build is gradual and believable, until things are happening so quickly it feels natural and not forced. The cast pulls great performances and has a great dynamic. And Isabelle Fuhrman...this 12 year old is one to watch!

This movie didn't open very high at all, but if it is still out this weekend in a local theater, I highly recommend it. I actually might see it again...which I really never do. It's that worth it.

Hopefully this new streak continues! Judd Apatow, I'm looking at you for Funny People.


Folsom Prison Blues.

I try not to post excessive videos on this blog, but really...some things just need to be shared. No, I'm not talking about the viral video of that Minnesota couple's marriage entrance to "Forever" by Chris Brown (I won't even hyperlink that, neither them nor Ike Jr. Jr. need any more publicity). I am talking about this kid below. I am so going to show this to my kids someday (you know, when they exist) and tell them to get down to business.

(via dlisted.com)



Getting into the swing of things for the week is proving to be harder than usual today.

This article cheered me up. Otters are my favorite sea creature...the are like puppies in the ocean!

(via PetSugar)


Too soon for boots?

fall boots

Maybe it was the cloudy weather this morning that got me longing for fall clothes in July, but I couldn't get my mind off new fall boots today. It looks like the wishing won't stop, as the weekend forecast says that LA weather shouldn't even hit 80, with a possibility of clouds. Too soon for boots and tights? Sigh.

I think a relaxing weekend is in order...sleeping in, making breakfast, a double feature at the movies, and a BBQ with friends on Sunday.

Have a lovely weekend!


Looking into the Past.

What a lovely photo series.

Looking Into the Past via A Cup of Jo.


Mad as a Hatter.

I can't wait for this! Tim Burton is truly fantastical.



My visit last weekend to Pourtal was such a tease and reminded me that I haven't been wine tasting in several months. I am a huge fan of wine and going wine tasting is one of my all time favorite activities. When I lived in Northern California for a year and a half, I went wine tasting every couple months and you'd be hard pressed to find me buying wine at the grocery store (except for my favorite grocery store Pinor Noir...seriously this stuff is fantastic). Sadly Los Angeles isn't really a mecca of wide open spaces and vineyards, so now I'm lucky to go every 3-6 months. My favorite winery, of which I was a wine club member (and plan on reactivating really soon) is Robert Renzoni in Temecula. I took my mom for mother's day last year and this winery was brand new. I'd never been to a winery where I can legitimately say I've loved every wine I tasted there. Well Robert Renzoni changed my mind, so I signed up immediately. Love their Sangiovese!

I think a trip to Santa Barbara/Santa Ynez is in order soon. Or maybe I can make it to my other favorite winery - Fenestra - in Livermore soon!


The Platt Brothers.

These guys are fantastic! I was lucky enough to go to summer camp with them for years. So talented!


Mucking about at Pourtal.

I have been hearing so many great things about Pourtal Wine Bar that I have been trying to get over there for ages. It may be just down the way on Santa Monica Blvd., but anyone in LA knows how excruciating that drive can be on a weekend! Lucky me, one of my best friends was visiting me this weekend and we spent the afternoon in Santa Monica on Saturday. After walking down to the hot and crowded pier, we were looking for some zen in our afternoon. We found it in Pourtal! We got there a little after 4pm, which is when they open, so we were literally the only people in the place. We filled up a card with $30 and tasted several of the current wines available. My absolute favorite was the Fort Ross 2006 Pinotage...I expected it to be subtle but it was just bursting with flavor! So yummy. I debated buying a bottle but wanted to check elsewhere to see if I could top the price tag of $33. A visit to the Fort Ross website made me realize even they sell it for $32! The carry-away price at Portal was definitely on par...I’m either heading back over there to pick up a couple bottles or ordering them straight from the vineyard.

As my friend and I were getting ready to leave Pourtal, a few British guys wandered in to hassle us...and me being 2 glasses in, I definitely had some fun joking around with them. They taught me my new favorite British term! I used to be obsessed with the word “query” – especially when our solicitor (British form of a lawyer for those of you on this side of the pond) used it. Well my new favorite term is “mucking about” which they described as basically doing as little amount of work as possible while spending the most money possible. Don’t we all wish we had the money to muck about all day long! I love it.


aquarium of the pacific.

I took this picture at the aquarium of the pacific this weekend...they were open in the evening and it was so fun to see everything at night. I have this fascination with aquariums. When I was a kid I was convinced I would grow up to be a mermaid, a marine biologist or at least end up shipwrecked on a deserted island. I decorated my room in an island/underwater theme and would figure out what I would do and who I'd take with me to my deserted island. I was a big fan of the show Ocean Girl, which aired on Disney back in the 90s. Cast Away kind of killed the dream for me but I still love to go to aquariums like Long Beach and Monterey, and pretend like I could exist in some remote tropical world. My favorite part was petting the stingrays! They are so fun and playful.


happy birthday America!

I had the most lovely 4th of July...a party down in Playa Del Rey that was such a throwback to my college days in crazy (and amazing!) Isla Vista. Watching this sunset on the beach was incredible. I couldn't figure out which was my favorite pic to post so I posted a few that I took...but I love the third one...with the American flag on the right. So appropriate. Happy birthday America!


recent loves.

I've been able to hit up some amazing restaurants recently...definitely worth checking out again!

Arb Pizza
This place is a little stop on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City, and hands down has the best homemade potato chips I've ever had. The caprese sandwich was pretty good too! They should really bag these chips and sell them...so delicious.

Baby Blues BBQ
I went here quite awhile ago when the West Hollywood location just opened up, and it was pretty great. My boyfriend can't stop singing the praises (he got pulled pork, mac and cheese and mashed potatoes) and keeps begging me to come here. I am a big fan of the spicy wings...I am a glutton for anything hot and spicy!

8oz Burger Bar
Just went here FINALLY after hearing such great things for ages. Loved it! I got the Melrose burger and bf got the 8oz burger, and we shares truffle potato skins. I also got the Bloody Murder which is their spicy bloody mary (what did I say about spicy!), and immediately regretted eating the jalapeno on the stirrer stick (hot hot hot!!). Definitely a great stop on my quest for the perfect LA burger (though I have to admit...Father's Office is still my fave!).

Rush Street
I have been here a few times, but I just can't get enough of the Steak Caesar Salad! It's lots of lettuce piled on top of flatbread, with medium rare steak chunks and a delicious caesar dressing. I am addicted to caesar salads and this one just really hits the spot.