I have probably seen more movies in theaters in the past 6 months than in the past 6 years. I have my screenwriter boyfriend to thank for this, who is all about checking out new releases. I have to admit, it's fun but it's definitely raised my standard of a good movie, when I am seeing at least one a week.

Lately, I have been so disappointed in movies I've been highly anticipating (Public Enemies, Bruno, The Ugly Truth...the list could go on). So leave it to a movie I was downright hesitant to see...Orphan...to blow me away.

More than being a horror film, this movie is just a well done film from shocking start to finish. It never takes the safe choice and not only is the creepy-factor well done, so is everything else. The build is gradual and believable, until things are happening so quickly it feels natural and not forced. The cast pulls great performances and has a great dynamic. And Isabelle Fuhrman...this 12 year old is one to watch!

This movie didn't open very high at all, but if it is still out this weekend in a local theater, I highly recommend it. I actually might see it again...which I really never do. It's that worth it.

Hopefully this new streak continues! Judd Apatow, I'm looking at you for Funny People.