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I have had lots going on but had a rather uninspired blogging week (or two) but Coco+Kelly’s vacation series really got me pumped. That’s what I need! A vacation! It’s been awhile and I’m ready for some adventure.

I have been dreaming about a lot of places but this unseasonably cool August has had one particular vacation in the front of my mind. For ages I’ve wanted to drive up the coast and head to the pacific northwest. It would be so fun to take pacific coast highway all the way up the coast and hit up all the little local spots, and sit in a café and read a book in Seattle. The bf and I have been discussing this trip and hopefully we’ll be taking it soon!

Just a bit of what I’d want to pack for the trip...


Other places I'm dying to see: Venice, Maine, New Orleans (again!)...just to name a few!


Mary said...

John and I are going to Seattle the first weekend of October, and we're dying with excitement! Neither of us has ever been, and I too picture myself just writing in a journal with a big cup of coffee (even though I don't really drink coffee). Thanks for the outfit inspiration!

Shannyn said...

When are you going to start your blog Mary! This weather has put me in a baking mood and I need some inspiration ;-)