Kitchen Table.

"Everything but the kitchen sink." - what a cliché.

My favorite thing about that quote is that it perfectly describes my friend Kathryn's first apartment, right out of grad school. She had a teeny studio apartment in West Hollywood, and it had a full fridge, stove, oven, etc...but no kitchen sink. The idea of washing dishes in the bathroom seemed too icky so she ate out a lot and moved quickly.

I am lucky enough to have a studio (with a gorgeous view!) that feels a lot more like a 1 bedroom. I have a full kitchen...but sadly, it is ill equipt for my cooking adventures. I can get very creative in ways to use the space when I get the impulse to bake or cook...but the one thing I am truly missing from my lovely little space: a kitchen table. Somehow, eating my culinary masterpieces on the coffee table sitting on the sofa feels all sorts of wrong. So I mostly stick to basic dishes and dream about the day that I'll have my KitchenAid mixer, my Le Creuset pots and pans, and a big table full of people to eat the yummy food I dream up.

Until then, I have to rely on my favorite food blogs to get me through the day. Fall is an especially outstanding time to be in the kitchen...cooler weather, and all sorts of fall goodies to be had: pumpkin, apple, spices.

Some of my favorite cooking blogs:

Fresh 365

Joy the Baker


The Bitten Word

The Kitchn

Crumbly Cookie

Yum Sugar

Food Gawker

And I am actively recruiting @mcpuggle to start up a food blog. She is amazing!


Mary said...

Aaahhhh you are the sweetest! Someday, someday!