happy halloween!

Happy Halloween weekend! Cheers to lots of treats...and maybe just a few tricks. And Halloween candy. Lots of that too.

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new boots.

Two more days!


I am definitely one of those people where clothes shopping is a sensory experience, so I am incredibly late to the online shopping trend. Thankfully this is slowly changing because I have very little time to in-store shop and there are so many great things online I'd never stumble across, even in a boutique here in LA.

My online clothing shopping started with shoes...and I've been pretty lucky in this respect, only having to exchange a size once. But I have been seriously coveting over-the-knee boots this season and was worried about ordering them online. There are so many variables with boots and especially these kind. But finally I gave in and ordered these boots in grey suede. They just came in yesterday and they are everything I hoped for and more! I am wearing them today scrunched down and slightly under the knee with black tights. Love.

PS: The photo is from carving pumpkins last week (while watching The Halloween Tree, of course). My bf thinks my pumpkin looks so scared and worried. Probably because his pumpkin is scary!


4 days.

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One of my favorite parts of the morning, and a main reason I get myself out of bed and eventually into my office chair, is the promise of catching up on the world through the blogs I subscribe to. After getting a cup of coffee in my lovely Anthropologie mug (a birthday gift from my best friend last year), I sit down and catch up on the world. I subscribe to lots of personal blogs, design blogs, foodie blogs and news blogs. It's not unusual for my reader to have between 500-100+ unread items, especially if I get busy during my day...mostly from the global newsfeeds.

After an amazing weekend with some dear college friends, I am definitely settling slowly into my workweek.

Have a great week!

PS: The picture is one of my absolute favorite Halloween backgrounds. Click the pic for the full sized image. 5 days!


day planner.

What is it about day planners that I adore so much? Seriously, I am addicted...it is one of my organizational obsessions. Something about seeing my month so neatly organized makes me feel like even the busiest days don't have to be overwhelming. I just got a planner for 2010, and have already started filling it in...

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I'm going to go ahead and jump on the bandwagon and get excited for a stormy October night. Los Angeles doesn't see much rain, and this has been a particularly dry year. So I am hoping for some quality rainfall tonight! On the agenda: making some Pumpkin Black Bean Soup, enjoying some pinot noir and snuggling on the couch watching movies. The best!


Ghosts and zombies.

It must be October! This weekend I saw not one, but TWO horror movies. Talk about different ends of the spectrum, though!

Paranormal Activity

Scariest movie I have ever seen. Really, there isn't much need to elaborate beyond that. What happens when a ghost...or demon...is provoked? Absolutely nothing good. There is no gore, and honestly no real visible horror in this film. It's the expectation and the nuances that are truly frightening...and the unexpected! Definitely worth a trip to the movies...but not at all for the faint of heart!


I probably wouldn't have gone to see this movie if it weren't for my horror fanboy boyfriend. I'll have to make sure to thank him. This movie was so entertaining! Even my usually queasy stomach was ok with the gross zombie gore (for the most part...and otherwise I just looked away for a second). So many things about this movie could have been over the top cheesy: the "rules" everywhere...the celebrity cameo...every one of Woody Harrelson's lines. But it wasn't over the top! The casting choices were excellent, and overall the movie was absolutely hilarious. I would highly recommend it.

And as a closing note...seeing the trailer for Nightmare on Elm Street on the big screen...wow! I haven't even seen the first one, but I have a few months to do so before this remake comes out. It looks promising!



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Up until yesterday, I'd never tried a persimmon. I'm not sure why...they just kind of looked like tomatoes on trees to me, and I'd never seen acceptable looking ones at the store and hadn't made it to a farmer's market while they were in season.

Yesterday that all changed. On my walk home, I stopped by Gelson's for some canned pumpkin (maybe for pumpkin muffins?) and remembered why I was such a fan of the place. The produce! So pretty and fresh looking. I saw persimmons and decided to give them a shot. Luckily I bought two...they are so good! Just another yummy reason why I love fall.