(Courtesy of pizzodisevo)

Up until yesterday, I'd never tried a persimmon. I'm not sure why...they just kind of looked like tomatoes on trees to me, and I'd never seen acceptable looking ones at the store and hadn't made it to a farmer's market while they were in season.

Yesterday that all changed. On my walk home, I stopped by Gelson's for some canned pumpkin (maybe for pumpkin muffins?) and remembered why I was such a fan of the place. The produce! So pretty and fresh looking. I saw persimmons and decided to give them a shot. Luckily I bought two...they are so good! Just another yummy reason why I love fall.


Jennifer said...

I agree. They are a tasty little treat! My uncle used to grow them, so I had plenty as a kid. Enjoy!

But I have to say - canned pumpkin? When there's so many fresh ones out there? Try it Shan, you'll enjoy the reward from all the hard work.