The Den of Hollywood.

Saturday evening the bf had some friends visiting from Las Vegas, so we took them out to dinner/drinks on Sunset Blvd. I had been wanting to try The Den of Hollywood since it opened a few months ago, and this was the perfect opportunity. We got there at about 5:30 and had some time to kill before our friends arrived, so we sat at the bar to partake in some happy hour drinks. Half priced tap beer and well drinks? Yes please. Each drink was $3! My kind of price point. We made friends with the bartender Casey, who was so great! We had the best time chatting it up with him and he reaffirmed my love for gimlets. I used to love gimlets but most places make them with Rose's lime juice, so they are usually syrup-y...not a fan. But Casey's gimlets are made with fresh lime juice, etc. I have to admit I had at least 4 of these. Way too tasty.

And then the food. Just check out the menu, though it frequently rotates. Nothing we ate was less than fantastic.

Verdict: I will most definitely be back to this place! I'm pretty sure I found my new favorite happy hour in LA. Cheers!


Tom Bailey said...

That seems like an interesting place to check out. Thank you for sharing. This is my first visit to your blog.