flight of the navigator.

I am not ashamed of the list of childhood movies that I still adore, including my mandatory holiday movie favorites. But how can someone not love The Sandlot, The Neverending Story, or basically every Disney movie that exists?

Driving down Beverly on Halloween through insane traffic (it is West Hollywood, after all!) my boyfriend spotted something exceptional as I was playing frogger with my car through the street. A midnight showing of one of my favorite movies of all time: Flight of the Navigator! Seriously, I own a copy of it on VHS. That's love. We checked it out last Friday night and it was everything I remembered and more. So exciting to view it on the big screen in a 1930s vaudeville theater with a bunch of other die-hard fans. All movies should be viewed this way.

I am hoping beyond all hopes that Return to Oz, which will be playing in December, is on a weekend I can attend.

BTW, I am pretending that this doesn't exist. A travesty.


Mimi said...

I have never seen this movie Shannyn. What am I missing?

Mimi said...

I've never seen this. What am I missing out on?

Shannyn said...

I think it's one of those movies that is only cool if you grew up with it. It's just a sci-fi Disney movie from the 80s, haha. Love it.