It's November! Or so my calendar and daylight savings tell me. Here in Los Angeles, it's still 80 degrees with no cool down (or storm front) in sight. Fall daylight savings always makes me a little sad. Getting out of work in the pitch black makes me feel like my day is already over. Time to countdown til the spring time change!

A few things I'm hoping November can bring into my life:

*Planning my holiday season and trips through the new year (a bay area trip is definitely in the works!)

*Buying all my Christmas presents before the December rush (I am horrible at this and then get so frustrated last minute)

*Re-read New Moon before the movie comes out (please please please be better than Twilight the movie)

*Pick a few new thanksgiving recipes to reinvent old favorites

*Sanity through three birthdays, two major holidays and one anniversary...and the end of the fiscal year for most of our clients at work

Happy November!

(photo via flickr)