oh mondays.

I haven't even had my morning coffee yet but I am already too busy to breathe at work. Sigh. At least the weekend was great! Brunched at The Farm of Beverly Hills then continued my mad-dash to have all Christmas shopping before December 1. I really think this is going to happen! Happy happy day. The rest of the weekend was equally lovely. And to top it off, I finally got around to purchasing some Cafe Du Monde chicory coffee from Cost Plus...something I regretted not buying directly from the source when I visited New Orleans in the summer of 2007. A great way to start the morning.

The pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting were a hit last night at the dinner party I attended. I'll post about them in the next day or two. So yummy. I may or may not have had one of these for lunch yesterday, plus extra cream cheese frosting - the best ever.

(Photo via flickr)