doc martens.

Doc Marten boots: badge of the 90s. I got a pair for a gift when I was about 12 or so when they were ooh so hip (hello mid 90s!) and I have kept them all these years. I've never really been one to hang onto old trends because I just recently started collecting cool pieces and also, I've moved from apartment to apartment for 7 years or so and it's just too much work lugging out of date stuff along with my (way too full as it is) closet. But these shoes stayed.

I'm not sure why. I took them from place to place and always shoved them into the back of my closet and forgot about them until my next move. Until my last move into my adorable studio, where the verdict was that some of my stuff needed to live in my parent's garage for the time being.

So when I was home over Thanksgiving and had an opportunity to dig around the garage a bit, I was so excited to rediscover these awesome boots.

Welcome back into my life, Doc Marten. I knew there was a reason I kept you around so long!

(Photo via flickr)