rain(bow) monday.

Such a fantastic and relaxing weekend...is it already Monday? We're getting some wet weather, and any kind of weather change is such a phenomenon here in LA. A day of rain warrants Storm Watch 2009. But I definitely love it. What I love even more?

There was this GORGEOUS rainbow across all of Los Angeles and it was fully visible, from one side to the other! This rainbow stretched from Beverly Hills to Downtown LA (yes, the bottom of the rainbow in the second pic actually goes through the downtown buildings!). It was so huge that I couldn't even get a shot of the whole thing. Luckily I'm 33 floors up and was able to get decent (though not great) photos of it. Lovely! Apparently there are pots of gold in Beverly Hills and Downtown...who knew? Ha.


Jennifer said...

It snowed in the Bay Area over the weekend!! Yikes!

Shannyn said...

That's so rad!!