the water grill.

I should have posted this two weeks ago! The holidays have finally given me time to get my head on straight about stuff besides buying gifts, packing to go places, baking, and other holiday debauchery of that sort.

Is it just me or is there a crazy oversaturation of hot new spots in town, especially a place like Los Angeles? Admittedly I subscribe to all the email lists - Urban Daddy, Thrillist, ....... But when a few awesome food bloggers I follow (some whom I'm lucky enough to count as friends) recommend a new place, I take notice. I bookmark the restaurant. And I pretty much never go...or it takes me months and it is old news. But not this time! The Water Grill can probably be counted as old news because it's not a new spot, but it's been getting a bit of press lately for two reasons: Blackboard Eats' passcode for a free dozen oysters (regular price: $32.90) and their prix fixe lobster clam bake. My immediate thought was - where do I sign up?

Sadly D has an aversion to eating anything that used to live in the sea, but it didn't take much to rope in a foodie coworker to come with me. Actually, all it took was linking her to my friend Esther's review over at e*starla. She was in and it was on. Lobster clam bake, here we come!

I was genuinely intrigued, as I feel like any restaurant can roll out the red carpet and bring out the big guns for a media dinner. A bad blog review = epic dollars lost. So as a paying customer, it was their time to really shine.

And oh did they shine. My friend and I arrived for our reservation at 5:30 (what can I say, we were really into the idea of an early bird special), and got settled in with a bottle of pinot grigio and our amuse bouche. It did the trick - we were ready for them to bring on the goodies.

I mentioned my Blackboard Eats password and suddenly we had a platter of 6 different types of oysters, 2 of each. Yum!! I rarely order oysters and usually it's as a shooter, so being able to do a tour de oyster (Washington, Maine, Canada, etc.) was pretty overwhelming...in a good way. There were 3 dips but I was too into getting the different flavors of oysters...I never realized the flavors were so definite. Onto the next.

We both got the Black River gorgonzola cheese and sugar pumpkin salad, which definitely did not disappoint. It was a fusion of flavors I've never really experienced before, and the crispy whole sage leaves were my favorite part of the salad.

Our waiter came over with fancy napkin bibs for our lobster experience - they do not mess around. We each had a whole lobster with clarified butter for dipping, along with corn, mussels, clams, new potatoes, baby carrots and sausage. Um, yes. So much good food. How to even consider dessert?

But dessert was included and how could we deny it? I had the root beer float with ginger cookies. A perfect end to a delicious meal.

Truly, any seafoodie would be satisfied here. I was very impressed and so glad I didn't let my passcode and the recommendation go to waste. If you need me I'll be in the gym for the week, trying to make up for this decadent treat!


e*star said...

Awesome, girl! Loved that you had a good time. :) Mmm, now I'm thinking of oysters!! And lobster w/that clarified butter!