action shots.

This may or may not have been happening at my apartment around 10:30pm last night. (Hint: it definitely was.)

Lazer pointer on the ceiling = jumping jack flash Maximus.


sail away...

Oh wow, I really just want to run off to wherever this photo was taken!

I can just feel the sand still warm from the day under my feet, walking in a light breeze, having just finished a local brew of some sort (rum? wine?).

I think I need to take advantage of my not-too-crowded weekend to plan a local adventure of sorts.

Le sigh.

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I've been feeling pretty uninspired in blog-land lately. Maybe it's because it's January, the month of the year that drags the most. It's been cold (for LA) and all I've been dreaming about are sundresses and road trips and finding the perfect wedding guest dress to wear to weddings that span the entire year (as if that exists...and if it does, point me in its direction!).

So I decided my creative move for the week is to revamp my blog a bit. I've been looking into Wordpress and other blogging platforms. I don't hate blogger I am just craving some change. Any good suggestions?

I redid the page layout and my header for now (a photo I took of the sun setting over the water last year!). Also, I finally put up a picture of myself. See me over on the right. Hi there. I have never been a big fan of posting photos of myself on my blog, for a few different reasons. But this blog is about me, heck my name's even in the title. If you're not a fan I figure, you won't be here too long anyway. So hi world!

Happy Wednesday...

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A long loooong weekend and then some.

I am SO happy to report I can now see 20/20, and I donated all my old prescription glasses and sunglasses to charity. Hooray!

So not one to let a lil eye surgery slow me down, I had a busy busy Friday and Saturday. Friday night I attended a Big Gay (North) Hollywood Wedding. Hands down, this was the coolest performance I have ever ever attended. And I've been doing theater for, oh, 15 years or so. D's old roomie Sami was in the show and it takes place at an actual church in North Hollywood. It's running this weekend so if you are free, do yourself a favor: Go see it!

Saturday we went to the L.A. Kings v. Boston Bruins game at the Staples Center. I've only been to two pro hockey games so far in life (both the Kings) and both managed to go into overtime and shootouts. This game was so exciting! Especially since D was cheering for the Bruins and about half the crowd were Bruins fans! "Go Kings Go" turned into "Go Bruings Go" - so funny.

Saturday afternoon my mom had a surprise for me. Meet Maximus:

This is my new baby. He is 13 weeks old and as innocent as he looks, it is a lie. He likes to play with hair when you are sleeping and pull things off the coffee table (like mail, earrings and a digital camera). Basically, I am already in love.

In other news, California is facing armageddon with storms, tornadoes and the like. Oh the fun.



I have been on the go this past week. 2010 is the year of being insanely busy, apparently! But who am I kidding, I live for being busy. I've been doing things like this, for instance. No, not making scones...but eating them with PG Tips!

Plus I have been so nervous! I am getting Lasik tomorrow morning. This is something I have wanted for ages and ages. I can finally regret all sorts of trendy sunglasses purchases starting tomorrow!

Let's be honest, I just want a pair of Ray-Bans that aren't sold in prescription sunglasses form.

Wish me luck!

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the year of the wedding(s).

This year has barely started to pick up steam, and already I feel like I can see my whole life planned out until 2011. This is the first year I really feel like this, and I have amazing people in my life who are getting hitched to thank! It's true...I have have finally stumbled upon that avenue of life known as "wedding season" - and it's kicking off with a bang. Let's just say I'm looking at the definite possibility of only a month or two without a celebration of marriage. I am so excited for these lovely people that will be starting these new adventures in their lives!

So with this in mind my priorities have definitely shifted this year! On my agenda (resolutions, so to speak):

- start shopping for great wedding attire possibilities EARLY. As in, now. Only one of these weddings will have me donning a bridesmaid dress, and I was so stressed trying to track down a great dress for the wedding I attended last June. Not this time. Preparation!

- BUDGET. Weddings are certainly not cheap (nor should they be, they are a once in a lifetime celebration!). I am working out the kinks of a budget that will allow hotels, gifts, perhaps some sightseeing and one east coast plane ticket...and still give me room to get a pedicure or visit with friends on occasion 'round these parts.

- Think local. As in, try my darndest to stay in town the other weekends outside of these events (with a few exceptions). I'm so lucky to live in the huge playground we call LA - with plenty of adventures to be had here.

- Run a half-marathon. This is something that has been on my mind for ages and is just for me. I have never felt the urge to run a marathon and I doubt I ever will, but a half seems totally do-able with the right training (I already enjoy running as my exercise of choice). I am considering doing Team In Traning...something I was on the fence about for a long time (I have a phobia of hitting up friends and family for really anything) but my thoughts drastically changed this past year with some personal events that transpired.

- Pictures. I want more pictures of my year and I am shipping off my camera for repair so I can do just that.

Phew! My dayplanner is already getting quite the workout for 2010.

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Mary hard at work in her lab kitchen.

I haven't quite made it a secret that I love food blogs. I love cooking and entertaining and when I have no time for either, just drooling over the yummy food pictures.

I among other people have been pushing my dear friend Mary to start a cooking blog. How do I describe Mary? Let me put it this way. Her ice cream would put Martha Stewart in her place. She has cooked for over 20 people at a time and left them begging for more. Her cakes should probably cater celebrity weddings.

Ok, you get my point.

Now read her blog.

Yes, Mary's new project is this little slice of the internet, and I am so excited about it. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Go check her out at http://butterpluscream.blogspot.com! While you're there go ahead and add her to your blogroll, reader, favorites...whatever will keep you up to date. Trust me. So worth it!

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Cheers, 2010!

Dear 2009...

I'm bittersweet about seeing you go. It seems like you sped by so quickly but were so full, all year long. This year I celebrated 1 year at my job. I turned 25. I visited Las Vegas, San Francisco, Walnut Creek/Fremont/Los Gatos, Tahoe, Napa, Big Bear, Santa Ynez, Santa Barbara, and Saratoga Springs in New York. I celebrated 1 year with D. I did a million other things, but most importantly, I finally settled down in the Los Angeles life that is meant for me right now, and don't feel pushed to be searching for what's next (at the moment. I am so type-A and get antsy sometimes!). I am happy.

There were some big challenges in you, 2009, also - for myself and for a few people close to me. Hopefully 2010 can bring resolution, love and peace.

As far as New Year's resolutions go, I am still processing the holidays and figuring out a good gameplan for 2010.

And to you, 2010 - bring it on, I am excited for you!