Mary hard at work in her lab kitchen.

I haven't quite made it a secret that I love food blogs. I love cooking and entertaining and when I have no time for either, just drooling over the yummy food pictures.

I among other people have been pushing my dear friend Mary to start a cooking blog. How do I describe Mary? Let me put it this way. Her ice cream would put Martha Stewart in her place. She has cooked for over 20 people at a time and left them begging for more. Her cakes should probably cater celebrity weddings.

Ok, you get my point.

Now read her blog.

Yes, Mary's new project is this little slice of the internet, and I am so excited about it. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Go check her out at http://butterpluscream.blogspot.com! While you're there go ahead and add her to your blogroll, reader, favorites...whatever will keep you up to date. Trust me. So worth it!

(Image via Butter+Cream)


Mary said...

Ahhhhhh you are the sweetest! I'm having so much fun with this, but also kicking myself for not starting forever ago. Thank you so much for all of your support and advice! xoxo!

Laura said...

such a cute blog! adding her to my list right now! :)