busy bee.

You know those days that aren't outright awful, but are just kind of insane and leave you feeling like you need a giant glass of wine or a nap or a long run to get your head on straight?

That's pretty much been my last two weeks.

That's not to say it hasn't had some good - it has!

Last Sunday's agenda, for example:

6-9am: Make red velvet whoopie pies, brie en croute, homemade crackers (for a dinner party) and breakfast (for the bf). Oh, and some yummy chocolate/fleur de sel popcorn for book club.

9:30-12pm: Watch Shutter Island. I'd recommend this move! But I'm still not sure how I feel about the ending.

1-3pm: Book Club with some lovely lovely ladies (such as Mary). We'd read Water For Elephants and can I say I LOVED this book! Mary made snickerdoodle cookie sandwiches with vanilla ice cream with a caramel ribbon. All homemade, of course. Le sigh.

4-5pm: Visit with my dear dear friend Carly who has left LA to take an incredible job offer at Columbia in NYC. I can't wait to visit her!

7-10pm: Supper Club inaugural event (and the reason I woke up and got domestic at 6am on a Sunday).

It's days like that along with 15 hour workdays that have only led to one picture taken in 2 weeks:

It's true - Maximus has insisted I watch Idol this season. I said I'd never watch again, but I can't disappoint him...


Jennifer said...

Good to see you've joined the club! Just wait 'till you have kids....it will be even worse! ;-)