white tulips.

I was having a couple girlfriends over for drinks last night, and D brought me home these. The girls swooned, of course. I might have a little bit too. White tulips are my favorite flower, after all.

Well played, my dear.


awesome: a wedding.

Have I mentioned that I'm in the midst of the year of the weddings? Oh, I have? Well wedding season officially kicked off on Saturday at The Condor's Nest Ranch for Awesome: The Wedding (Dorien and Kenny).

The lovely pair:

You'd think that this insanely gorgeous venue with a rad group would be enough. But something else happened.

Mary made cake.

Aren't they so pretty? Don't they look yummy? Yes...Mary made all of that. I didn't believe it at first either.

I think it's safe to say I had a few pieces of cake. I probably would have had more, but, well, this is what happens when Mary makes cake.

There was also a crazy gorgeous view and sunset (I had prime dinner table real estate to watch this sunset, too! Thanks guys!).

Congrats Dorien and Kenny!


nesting and other shenanigans.

This week was filled with all sorts of nesting activities. Such as...

- Drinking wine and toasting the new casa.

- Shopping. And shopping and shopping and shopping.

- Using a crockpot for the first time ever, in my attempt to turn into a midwest housewife.

- Hanging some curtains.

- Tying up those curtains so a certain cat doesn't shred them as he discovers his new favorite toy (despite all the actual cat toys that litter the apartment).

- Learning how to use a DVR (and hate a DVR - the Time Warner DVRs need a lot.of.work).

Throw this lovely heatwave and 80+ degree weather into the mix, and spring is shaping up real nice.

I think I'll go to a wedding this weekend and eat some cake and toast some good friends to celebrate!

By the way, did anyone watching Idol on Wednesday night notice that Katie's friends and family totally stole this brilliant idea from Rachel? How rude!

Anyway, I head into my weekend with a quote for anyone March Madness-ing it up:

"If the Buckeyes disrespect us and our threes are falling, come Friday night kegs will be tapped and couches will be burned in IV. And if they do respect us and punch us right in the face, kegs will still be tapped and couches will still be burned in IV. So even if we lose, we still win. Man, it feels good to be a Gaucho." - Jim Rome

If you need me, I'll be celebrating my face off with some fellow Gauchos tonight!



I'm so loving the new format of American Idol this year! To actually get to see EVERYONE in the top 24 perform every week until we reach the top 12 - it's a chance for contestants to try on different hats and for us as an audience to really get to know them. I rewatched my favorite performances on americanidol.com and I have to say, my faves right now are:

Crystal Bowersox

Because she is like every one of my favorite 90s singers, but better.

Michael Lynche

Because he gives me chills, his passion is rad.

Lee Dewyze

Because he looks like a UCSB frat boy, and anyone who can rock out to "Fireflies" (one of the most ridiculous but catchy songs of all time) should be applauded.

Casey James

Because I luff him. And his voice. And him (did I say that already?).

Didi Benami

Because she is just too adorable and I love the tone in her voice.

Katelyn Epperly

Because she's got a great look and a powerful voice (though this week was rough...come on Katelyn, I hope you make top 12!) and she made me actually enjoy a Coldplay song (who are hit or miss for me).

Tim Urban

Because he is adorable and he wants it so bad - and I loved his rendition of Hallelujah.

Siobhan Magnus

Because who can rock like that at 19 (besides Kelly, who won at 20)?

Lilly Scott

Because she is just so quirky and fun.

Oh wow - do I really have NINE favorites? This season is going to be interesting!

(All photos courtesy of americanidol.com)


move move move.

My apartment is like one giant box.

Max is confused by the chaos. I only have 4 more episodes left of 90210: Season 8 (but luckily I'm only on Season 3 of Sex and The City...I got that whole series for Christmas from my brother!).

I wake up at 6am everyday to pack (because I'm too lazy to do it at night, when there are more important things to do such as sleep, American Idol and participate in extracurricular activities).

Do activities count as extracurricular if you don't have a school curriculum to adhere to? Maybe I should just start saying "hobbies." When I think of hobbies, though, I think of building miniature cars or knitting.

Clearly my brain is at capacity. It's time to move already! 4 more days.

(Image via Google)


an open letter to an actor who will remain anonymous.

Dear Actor -

You may remember me, as you came into the very same Santa Monica hair salon that I was getting my hair done at, on this past lovely rainy March Saturday. When you came in you looked very familiar, but really, I thought maybe you were an attorney at my firm (I am pretty bad with names, but recognize faces). I was waiting for my hair color to set, and reading NPR on my blackberry...but apparently you are really important, and thought that I was taking pictures of you. By the time I realized that you might be an actor and not an attorney, it was time to wash my hair.

We all had a chuckle after you left. And after your stylist gave me your name (and apologized for your paranoia), I looked you up on imdb. You happen to be in one of my favorite movies of all time. No wonder I recognized you. But the rest of your movies are really just too long ago for me - I'm only 25, I was in diapers when you were making them!

Anyway, I hope you had a lovely Saturday. Part of me wished you had demanded to see my recent photos to verify I wasn't taking pics. You would have gotten this fantastic shot of Maximus watching 90210: Season 8 with me.



We're Moving!

As of Sunday, March 14, I will officially live with a boy. Well, two, technically. I've already bragged all over the place about my current roomie.

I can't wait to get settled into our new home! It is a darling 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment on the other side of this lil ol freeway by my place.

I'll miss my darling lil studio apartment with the coolest view. It's been quite a year in it! It seems like everyone is moving right now - is it about that time?

This weekend was all about packing, and celebrating 1/2 of this lovely pair. See, they're getting married in 2 weeks, and that's really the best time for some debauchery (in the pouring rain) and silly masks.

Yes, we took these to the bar with us. And everyone wanted one, of course.




weekend, abridged.

I am so happy it's March! No more dreary February. March is going to bring lots of amazing things, and I'm so excited about it.

This weekend was so relaxing and totally opposite of last weekend.

I saw The Crazies on Friday night at the Arclight Hollywood.

(Image via Google)

I went with a group of friends and may I say - wow. This movie was one of the most intense films I've seen in awhile! I had my fingers in my ears and my eyes shut for sporadic chunks of the movie. That said I do think it was a pretty great horror movie if you like the genre, and worth seeing. Just lots of jumps and lots of gore (my friend Kathryn was stoked to find out what happened with the pitchfork in the trailer. She got WAY more than she bargained for).

Saturday involved homemade turkey chili and beer bread (with homemade butter), wine, and hanging out with a good friend I hadn't seen in ages.

Sunday D and I went to lunch at Westside Tavern...my first time trying it. I guess I'm always late to the party because this place opened months ago. Definitely not your average mall fare considering it's in the Westside Pavillion. I got the salmon burger and D got the regular burger. Both were fantastic!

Last night was the second to last episode of Big Love. I am so addicted to this show. I can't believe there is only one episode left...SO much to cover in that episode. Don't leave me hanging...I'm not a Lost fan for a reason!

Have a great week!