awesome: a wedding.

Have I mentioned that I'm in the midst of the year of the weddings? Oh, I have? Well wedding season officially kicked off on Saturday at The Condor's Nest Ranch for Awesome: The Wedding (Dorien and Kenny).

The lovely pair:

You'd think that this insanely gorgeous venue with a rad group would be enough. But something else happened.

Mary made cake.

Aren't they so pretty? Don't they look yummy? Yes...Mary made all of that. I didn't believe it at first either.

I think it's safe to say I had a few pieces of cake. I probably would have had more, but, well, this is what happens when Mary makes cake.

There was also a crazy gorgeous view and sunset (I had prime dinner table real estate to watch this sunset, too! Thanks guys!).

Congrats Dorien and Kenny!


Mary said...

Table 19 what what!!! Thanks for being a cake-cutting extraordinaire, I would've been buried without you. xoxo!