move move move.

My apartment is like one giant box.

Max is confused by the chaos. I only have 4 more episodes left of 90210: Season 8 (but luckily I'm only on Season 3 of Sex and The City...I got that whole series for Christmas from my brother!).

I wake up at 6am everyday to pack (because I'm too lazy to do it at night, when there are more important things to do such as sleep, American Idol and participate in extracurricular activities).

Do activities count as extracurricular if you don't have a school curriculum to adhere to? Maybe I should just start saying "hobbies." When I think of hobbies, though, I think of building miniature cars or knitting.

Clearly my brain is at capacity. It's time to move already! 4 more days.

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Mary said...

Congratulations! My experience cohabitating has been nothing short of magical. If you want to have a ceremonial burn of your "shack packs" (the tote bags you put all your shit in before you schlep across town to sleep at D's, no doubt forgetting something important), let me know!