an open letter to an actor who will remain anonymous.

Dear Actor -

You may remember me, as you came into the very same Santa Monica hair salon that I was getting my hair done at, on this past lovely rainy March Saturday. When you came in you looked very familiar, but really, I thought maybe you were an attorney at my firm (I am pretty bad with names, but recognize faces). I was waiting for my hair color to set, and reading NPR on my blackberry...but apparently you are really important, and thought that I was taking pictures of you. By the time I realized that you might be an actor and not an attorney, it was time to wash my hair.

We all had a chuckle after you left. And after your stylist gave me your name (and apologized for your paranoia), I looked you up on imdb. You happen to be in one of my favorite movies of all time. No wonder I recognized you. But the rest of your movies are really just too long ago for me - I'm only 25, I was in diapers when you were making them!

Anyway, I hope you had a lovely Saturday. Part of me wished you had demanded to see my recent photos to verify I wasn't taking pics. You would have gotten this fantastic shot of Maximus watching 90210: Season 8 with me.