the hills.

Well I went and did it: I watched the first episode.

I don’t plan to watch this season at all. I don’t really see the point and all the shenanigans are all over the tabloids anyway. But I just had to check out the remainder of this trainwreck on the first episode.

Watching this episode made me realize, I kind of feel the same way about The Hills that I feel about Real Housewives of Orange County. I LOVED that show a couple seasons ago. Watching some hoity toity OC ladies have drama and buy diamonds? Sign me up. But this last season was just sad and depressing. Ditto on The Hills. I can’t even make fun of FrankenHeidi anymore because homegirl just makes me SAD. Her whole existence. Sad pandas everywhere.

The rest of the cast really just seems like they are just dialing it in for a paycheck. Adam Divello even said he’s ending the show partly because the cast members’ public lives have greatly overshadowed their private lives (though I’m glad they’re showing at least a little more of their public lives, even if it’s only because they kind of had to).

But on the other hand...things like this make me happy:

Goodbye for good, The Hills. It’s been great awful while it lasted. Bring on Real Housewives of New Jersey!


hometown tourist.

Another week has come and gone - how is time speeding by so fast??

A rundown of last weekend with D's parents in town (they are from upstate New York and had never been to LA!):

Brunch and browsing in Beverly Hills -

Turkey burger at The back Abbey in Claremont. Seriously, this place rivals some of the gastropubs in LA!

More proof: my brother's steak -

Hollywood Farmer's Market - check out those yummy looking Cherimoyas -

Artichokes the size of a person's head! Seriously, the photo doesn't do them justice -

The Getty -

Santa Monica on a Monday -

Such a better view than my office...lovely!

THIS weekend I am off to this lovely place. Alum weekend at UCSB is like no other and I will be spending it with some dear girlfriends. I am beyond excited!

By the way - how rad is this?

Happy weekend!


slow weekend.

This weekend definitely wasn't slow. We had a lovely time hosting D's parents for their inaugural trip to Los Angeles, and got to play tourists in our own city. They are still here so full details tomorrow.

For now - I didn't get around to posting from LAST weekend. I'm trying to be better about taking photo evidence of my weekends, but it's very hard when all I want is a 2 day aversion to all technology!

Some events from last weekend...

Santa Monica Farmer's Market bounty...beyond delicious.

(Carrots, beets, fennel, baby heirloom potatoes, blood oranges, free range eggs, pink lady apples, turnips)

A serious overhaul of my recipe binder - finally, order and reason!

(Pages and pages of printed recipes)

A night out at Bar Lubitsch with some good friends that ended in an impromptu pizza trip. This photo was from the car, and I'm convinced this is the best parking spot I've ever been a party to in Los Angeles.

(Pizza, pizza, pizza)

Undocumented activities: late night hang out with a friend, bridal shower, naps.


oh, friday.

I'm so ready for a relaxing weekend! 5am will not be part of my agenda for two whole days. I'm hoping to hit up the farmer's market, plan some great meals for next week, see some good people, soak up some sunshine, and go to a friend's bridal shower.

And waking up to realize this theatrical trailer has been released certainly started the weekend off right!

I can barely stand waiting for May 28...not just for the release...mostly for the fact that I will be able to drink chilled wine and eat brunch with my bestest best friend on the planet, THEN go see this movie!

Can't wait for May!


gross o'clock.

D's work schedule currently (and indefinitely) has him setting his alarm clock for 4:50am (or gross o'clock, as we have affectionately dubbed the hour).

Now, most people in my position (the 9:30am working world type) would roll over and go back to sleep, but this new situation has prompted me to wake up with him (or actually, at 5am...I personally don't believe in wake up calls existing before then except on rare and required occasions).

Our routine is this:

4:50am: D's alarm goes off, he gets up.
5am: My alarm goes off, I get up.
5:15am: We leave - him off to work, me to the gym.

Yes, I am now working out before the sun is even awake. I drank 2 cups of coffee this morning and got the shakes - I am not a regular caffeine drinker (this is quickly changing).

This better be worth it! Because right now, I feel like one of these guys.

I do have to admit - the 5:30am gym crowd is a lot more impressive (and sparse) than my usual 8pm-types.

(Sunrise over L.A. - Image via flickr)


cake and earthquakes.

I'd say Easter weekend was a success (and included both cake and earthquakes, as referenced above). D and I spent all day Saturday working on the new apartment in anticipation of his parents visiting us in 2 weeks. And when I say D and I, really I mean I worked on the place while constantly asking him "babe, how does this look? babe, is this ok here?" while he wrote in our spare room/his office.

Kind of a perfect Saturday.

I also baked some stuff. I am a big fan of baking (and baking blogs - such as here and here and here). But I tried something with my pretty new Kitchenaid mixer that I hadn't tried in ages. I baked yeast-risen bread!

(Quick pic of bread that was about to be eaten)

Thanks to this fantastic recipe, I braved cooking with yeast for the sake of yummy homemade bread for Easter. The things I do out of love for my family.

I mean - I was already planning on making Mark Bittman's pound cake too! With berries and homemade whipped cream. Have you ever made homemade whipped cream? If not, please do so immediately if not sooner. You'll never ever look back.

(Pound cake + strawberries + bananas + homemade whipped cream)

Anyway, back to the bread. I actually used Joy's recipe and fused it with Mark Bittman's bread-making technique from How to Cook Everything (if you don't own this book and plan to ever cook anything, you should probably just scoot out and buy it). I am the worst at getting yeast breads to rise. They just don't rise! Well I heated my oven on super low for 5-10 mins then turned it off, make the dough, put it in an oiled bowl covered in plastic wrap and a dishtowel, and popped the whole thing into the (off) oven. And 1 1/2 hours later - magic! Risen dough! I'm not even going to bother with the obvious Easter joke there.

Anyway, the bread was amazing. I even made homemade butter with some leftover heavy cream from making the whipped cream. And I was at the gym at 5:30am this morning making up for all of the above.

No joke. I'm tired.


it's a...hot tub time machine.

Hot Tub Time Machine

I loved this movie. It is ridiculous and silly, and totally makes fun of itself in the best ways.

And there is a lot of rad 80s style and music. The 80s really are back these days, aren't they?

Highly recommend this one.

(Image via Google)



It's official.

I am moved.

Yes, I've been moved for a couple weeks. But last Friday, D and I got down and dirty scrubbing out my old studio (A big thank you and the "best boyfriend" award goes to him for that!).

But today, I went over to the old place, filled the nail holes in the walls with spackle, and turned in my keys.

Goodbye to my own place! Goodbye to the oven with 2 burners that didn't work, and to the gorgeous neighborhood with the adorable houses that are probably worth $1mil+. Goodbye to main street noise, and an incredible INCREDIBLE view (I really think I had the raddest view in the building). Goodbye to about a month of roof work right over my head at all hours and on weekends. Goodbye to the loudest neighbor known to man, who prefers 3am conversations to Europe and techno music to a normal life. Goodbye to being able to walk to work, if I really, really wanted to (or needed to, when I had to trade in my car). It was a great place to spend a little over a year!

I'm pretty excited to finish up the new place and see what it holds for me. Hopefully we'll make some noticable progress this weekend and I'll be able to post some pics next week!

(Image via flickr)