the hills.

Well I went and did it: I watched the first episode.

I don’t plan to watch this season at all. I don’t really see the point and all the shenanigans are all over the tabloids anyway. But I just had to check out the remainder of this trainwreck on the first episode.

Watching this episode made me realize, I kind of feel the same way about The Hills that I feel about Real Housewives of Orange County. I LOVED that show a couple seasons ago. Watching some hoity toity OC ladies have drama and buy diamonds? Sign me up. But this last season was just sad and depressing. Ditto on The Hills. I can’t even make fun of FrankenHeidi anymore because homegirl just makes me SAD. Her whole existence. Sad pandas everywhere.

The rest of the cast really just seems like they are just dialing it in for a paycheck. Adam Divello even said he’s ending the show partly because the cast members’ public lives have greatly overshadowed their private lives (though I’m glad they’re showing at least a little more of their public lives, even if it’s only because they kind of had to).

But on the other hand...things like this make me happy:

Goodbye for good, The Hills. It’s been great awful while it lasted. Bring on Real Housewives of New Jersey!