hometown tourist.

Another week has come and gone - how is time speeding by so fast??

A rundown of last weekend with D's parents in town (they are from upstate New York and had never been to LA!):

Brunch and browsing in Beverly Hills -

Turkey burger at The back Abbey in Claremont. Seriously, this place rivals some of the gastropubs in LA!

More proof: my brother's steak -

Hollywood Farmer's Market - check out those yummy looking Cherimoyas -

Artichokes the size of a person's head! Seriously, the photo doesn't do them justice -

The Getty -

Santa Monica on a Monday -

Such a better view than my office...lovely!

THIS weekend I am off to this lovely place. Alum weekend at UCSB is like no other and I will be spending it with some dear girlfriends. I am beyond excited!

By the way - how rad is this?

Happy weekend!


Jen said...

I'm so jealous! Next time, take me with!! ;-)

Brittney Elizabeth said...

Jen and I were also at the Hollywood Farmer's market that Sunday and I totally know what you're talking about - those artichokes were insane. ;)