This weekend, I am off to one of my favorite places, to spend time with some of my favorite people.

While no reason is necessary for this kind of wonderful, this time there is a reason.

My birthday!

I turn 26 on Monday, May 31. Happy birthday, me.

My birthday weekend starts at 5:45pm today, when my bestest friend in the whole wide world picks me up from the airport in San Jose. Four glorious days filled with Los Gatos, Sex and the City 2, San Francisco, birthday dinners, and a trip down the coast to wake up 26 years old in Cambria.

I love birthdays. Cheers, and have a lovely memorial weekend!


hollywood forever.

One more thing I can check off my "LA To-Do List" - see a Cinespia movie at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery! For the opening movie this year, Wizard of Oz, we rounded up the troops and braved the massive crowd - and my fear of cemeteries. We ordered some to-go food from the lovely ladies at On The Lamb and ate yummy food and drank wine while singing along to the munchkins, etc.

Good times had by all!



(First drink)

(Bride's heels on the bar instead of on her feet)

(Unnaturally cold for Vegas at the end of May, but so pretty!)

Going on a Vegas bender requires some serious detox, usually.

*Luckily* (unfortunately I can't stress sarcasm enough through the written word), I came down with a cold late Thursday night/Friday morning.

Cold + Vegas = no bueno.

When I tried a healthy cocktail of Dayquil chased with champagne, I learned a valuable lesson: the antihistimines in Dayquil are not keen on hanging out with the histamines in alcohol.

Basically, the Dayquil was rendered useless. So I trooped it out and remained (mostly) sober save for a dirty martini at Spago on Saturday night, and some celebratory champagne. And you know what? Sober Vegas ain't so bad! It was actually fun to have more than a fuzzy recollection of events. Go figure.



Off to Las Vegas this weekend to celebrate a dear friend's upcoming wedding! A mini vacation is so necessary right now, and I can't wait to have a drink in my hand, poolside.


friday, friday!

I haven't been this excited for a Friday in ages! It has been quite the week.

So pumped to have a lovely Los Angeles weekend before I head out of town the next two weekends in a row.

My only phone pictures, as per usual. Who needs a million pictures of their cat anyway? Apparently I do. Happy Weekend!


beachside wedding.

On the beach in Redondo, lunch at the Chart house.

With special guest, a baby seal - the bride's favorite animal (random stroke of luck!).


another week down.

Some weeks it really feels like life is racing toward something.

What...I do not know.

In town this weekend and next...trying to soak up all the relaxing I can before two weekends out of town!

Some phone camera shots that made me happy this week:

(Super clear windy day out the window at work)

(Maximus, fridge)

Happy weekend!



Paul Rudd - let's hang out.