(First drink)

(Bride's heels on the bar instead of on her feet)

(Unnaturally cold for Vegas at the end of May, but so pretty!)

Going on a Vegas bender requires some serious detox, usually.

*Luckily* (unfortunately I can't stress sarcasm enough through the written word), I came down with a cold late Thursday night/Friday morning.

Cold + Vegas = no bueno.

When I tried a healthy cocktail of Dayquil chased with champagne, I learned a valuable lesson: the antihistimines in Dayquil are not keen on hanging out with the histamines in alcohol.

Basically, the Dayquil was rendered useless. So I trooped it out and remained (mostly) sober save for a dirty martini at Spago on Saturday night, and some celebratory champagne. And you know what? Sober Vegas ain't so bad! It was actually fun to have more than a fuzzy recollection of events. Go figure.