attack of the summertimes.

(Waiting in line for a summertime concert at the fairgrounds...summer 2005!)

It's almost July. We just passed summer solstice, aka the longest day of the year, which means the days are actually getting SHORTER now. I know it's not noticeable but I feel it already.

I don’t know if I’ll ever get over the idea that summertime is supposed to be about lazy days, and impending change (September...which still feels like a beginning, even though I haven’t been in school for – wow – 4 years now). Now it’s more about work work wedding work wedding work weekend trip work.

Summertime was my favorite time living in Isla Vista...the long lazy days that didn’t feel the pressure of finals and classes and epic parties and obligation. Summertime meant BBQs, and wine nights, and beach days, and beer pong, and laying in the pool on a pool float for hours, and trying to figure out just how to successfully make a vodka watermelon.

Its days like today I miss those things the most! *sniff sniff* I’ll close the door on my pity party now, as I have tried my best to plan a long lazy weekend this weekend to bring back some of the magic.

Happy Weekend!