holiday weekend.

I am back from a glorious 4 day vacation, and it was everything I hoped and more.

(Champagne during brunch)

(I am now a Balvenie connoisseur)

(Perfect day for shopping)

(Driving into San Francisco)

(A plaque at The Tipsy Pig, which a friend tried to barter off the restaurant)

(Highway 1 coastal bliss)

(Steps from our hotel room in Cambria)

Not pictured: Greek food, lots of wine, excessive shopping, group birthday dinner, near-empty San Francisco bars, the charm of Cambria (my new favorite place!), wine tasting, and Freebirds nachos in Santa Barbara.

My parents got me this darling cake:

I came home to end my weekend perfectly: watching The Bachelorette with Mary and snuggling with my cat.

Oh, and Mary made me this. Without a doubt, my best birthday cake to date. I could eat this merengue with a spoon...it is that good. Yum!


Boogie Lindsey said...

Did you really take these pics? They look like postcards!

Shannyn said...

Thanks! I do take them...but out of tons of pics, I only get a few ideal ones to post. =)