Saw Toy Story 3 this weekend...it was incredible! Pixar did not disappoint. No spoilers, just go see it immediately if not sooner, if you haven't already done so!

There was also a big birthday celebration for a friend that prompted Mary and I to make this:

(Chocolate layer cake with chocolate ganache and marshmallow frosting, toasted)

An amazing afternoon that involved baking, sitting around chatting on the patio, and my first trip to Surfas. I was immediately in love and I'm going to have to devote a whole afternoon to wandering around this amazing spot. For the time being, we bought a cake box and lunch.

(Lemonade and a grilled cheese - White Cheddar, Fontina And Blue Cheese Mayo On Pecan Raisin Bread - YUM)

Our kitchen helpers:

(Potato, Charlie, Zoe)

The birthday party was Saturday evening at The Penthouse at The Huntley Hotel, and it was pretty fantastic. There were lots of martinis involved. A great sort of Saturday night, indeed.

Sunday was of course Dad's Day, and I got to go home and cook up some yummy lunch for the fam!

(Steaks, farmer's market potatoes, salad, bread, lemonade)

And now it's Monday. Le sigh...


Mary said...

I'm really impressed that you were able to make Father's Day lunch after Saturday night. I dragged my ass to brunch, but that's about all I could muster. Good times.

Shannyn said...

If I didn't have an amazing boyfriend willing to drive me all over the place, it would never have happened. Yesterday = painFUL!