rain and long weekends.

Apparently someone up in the heavens got ticked off at us peons on Earth, and kicked the planet off its axis. I only say this because while the east coast seems to be getting scorching heat, I drove to work today in the lovely Los Angeles...rain.

Or maybe the weather was just mad that the 3 day weekend was over. I can relate...it was such a relaxing weekend! I’m basically a 10 year old when it comes to holidays. I crave holiday rituals like none other. So basically that means D is coerced into watching my favorite holiday movies, eating holiday food, and the like.

My 4th of July meant some of my dad’s incredible margaritas and the movie Independence Day. I’m generally a fan of super simple, non-sugary drinks. My dad’s margarita recipe is so basic it’s profound: sweet and sour, good tequila, triple sec and lots of ice. Blend, blend, blend, rim the glass with salt, drink through a fun straw. Repeat. The best.

Now it’s time to settle into a nice 2 day work week before I’m off to a wedding!

By the way...who caught that Jake/Vienna trainwreck on TV last night? Epic.

(Photo via flickr)