piranhas and half marathons.

Last weekend was an incredible three days with my bestest friend and her man. Of course I only managed to take one (ridiculous, un-postable) picture of us drinking a giant margarita before seeing Piranha 3D. If you enjoy silly, gory, not scary horror movies, go see this movie! The collective cheer when Christopher Lloyd walked on screen was worth the ticket price, alone. I'm pretty sure everyone's head would have exploded if he had said "Great Scott!" - but my friends's bf's outburst of "88 miles per hour!" sufficed for me.

This week has been very busy with work and getting ready to be out of town this weekend. I can't believe after throwing out the idea of a half marathon, it's happening on Sunday. Words can't express how lucky I am to know Mary - she has made this whole process so great with her knowledge and experience! Also, I can't wait for her and Allison to show me their favorite Napa/St. Helena spots. All through my run I will be fantasizing about the wine in my immediate future.

(Both photos from wine tasting in Napa in spring 2009)



Oh happy day! My best friend and her man are driving down from the bay area today to spend the weekend in LA with me! I am SO ridiculously excited. We have some pretty solid plans lined up, which may or may not include several happy hours, 3D campy horror remakes, and board games. Among other things. Cheers and happy weekend!

Also...I stumbled across these photos this morning. Lucille Ball was a childhood hero of mine. How amazing is she in these photos? The first pic is a shot for the film The Big Street, and the second is from her wedding to Desi Arnaz! Love her.


orange county fair.

This weekend was food and sun overload. I love county fairs! Too much of everything in the best possible way.



How fun are these "vintage" ads?

(via Unplggd)


san diego.

Another weekend, another wedding! This weekend D and I were off to San Diego to toast my dear friend Lauren and her new hubby, Dustin.

They got married at a private Catholic elementary school. How adorable is that? And it was so gorgeous. This is certainly nothing like the elementary school I went to back in the day!

Such a blast! These two are adorable. They are off to Europe for their honeymoon...lucky ducks!


inception meets pixar.

I seriously can't decide which of these I like better. Amazing.

Happy weekend!


ladies who lunch.

I love rediscovering old gems. While perusing the internets last night, I came to the realization that one of today's fantastic young actresses, Anna Kendrick, was in one of the campiest movies of all time: CAMP.

I am a full believer that no one can truly love this movie if you haven't attended theater summer camp. I have...and I had a hard enough time getting through it's cheese-factor. Clearly it wasn't up for an academy award or anything.

BUT one of my favorite moments from the movie was Anna Kendrick...in the below clip! Check it out. She's rad.

By the way...I definitely own this movie. And clearly I haven't watched it since about 2004!


this and that.

(How darling is this photo from The Sartorialist?? more pics here)

This weekend was a sweet mix of busy, slow, stressful and relaxing. Saturday morning I ran 10 miles with Mary (one more month until the half-marathon, eep!), then went to brunch with D before he was out and about to prepare for the Fries on the Side Season 8 kickoff. And it was a fun show! I wish I could explain my favorite moments and have them make sense to anyone who wasn't there. Human paperclip! Anyway...

Yesterday kicked off Shark Week! What is the supreme draw to Shark Week? I don't know, but I do know that good times were had watching Air Jaws.

Tonight is the finale of The Bachelorette. It's been kind of a lackluster season in my opinion, but I'm so curious to see how it all finally works out. There are so many rumors going around! We'll see...