I am a terrible blogger. I have several unfinished post ideas languishing in documents on my desktop, and all I can muster is an “au revoir” – D and I are off to one of our final weddings of the year, in upstate New York!

These two are getting hitched:

(D’s brother Joel and his lady, Tara)

And we’re on the red eye out tonight to be there!

Hopefully there will be some time for me to hike around one of my favorite spots up there:

See you next week...


it's fall!

Oh happy day. It's officially fall! I don't even care that we're expecting hot hot weather this weekend in LA...I'm just so excited for the season. My absolute favorite!

Still need to upload my Palm Spring pics and thoughts. And start a packing strategy for next weekend...4 days, a rehearsal dinner, a wedding and perhaps a thunderstorm or two...all in a carry on because I hate hate hate bag fees (and possible lost baggage). Can't wait for Saratoga Springs!

(Photo via flickr)


oh, dear.

Haha, love this. Hey, it happens.

Details on a lovely Palm Springs weekend coming up, stay tuned...

(image via sfgirlbybay)



Another weekend, another wedding!

D and I packed up the car last weekend to drive up to Sveadal and celebrate with some near and dear friends, where two people I adore become Dr.-and-Mrs.

Campground wedding = legit. I just wish we could have been there longer than 24 hours.

Vows under redwood trees? Words can’t capture this. So lovely.

Love them.


holiday weekend.

A holiday weekend spent at home is one of the best kinds. Usually three days off will have me itching to plan some grand adventure, but I purposefully kept plans light this weekend to soak in all the relaxing goodness.

Faves from this weekend:

*Busby’s West with D, my dear friend Ashley and her boyfriend. Fun times were definitely had by all.
*Football, football, and more football – with the highlight being the LSU v. UNC game. LSU won!
*My introduction to sweet tea vodka. Um – YUM. This stuff is dangerous and I plan to pick up a bottle immediately. Instructions from a southerner: fill large glass with ice, fill ¾ full with sweet tea vodka, fill rest of the way with lemonade. Repeat.
*Dinner in the valley with friends – with cooler weather, it was lovely to sit outdoors and drink Cab, eat salad, and relax. I made pound cake. Delish.

All relaxed and ready for some big upcoming weekends...

(Photo via flickr)


13.1 and wine.

Well, I did it! I completed a half marathon. Remember when I mentioned that I couldn't do it without Mary? Well you have no idea. She basically dragged me to the finish line with her words. Thank you, my dear friend Mary!

After the race, we went over to Allison's casa to clean up our acts then go wine tasting. Mmmmm Napa wine. Believe me - this is the thought I had for the last 4 miles of the race...the thought of it pretty much pulled me to the end.

(The view from Allison's porch. Seriously. I might move onto this porch, with a sleeping bag)

(Totally worth the line)


(There was a lot of this happening)

(Haunted house on Allison's property. Can I decorate it for Halloween?)

(Mary and I made a pretty scrumptious dinner for her fam)

(Roadside stand goodies! Some of these may have commuted back to LA with us...)

Happy holiday weekend!



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Oh happy day. September's here!

"Don't you love New York in the fall? It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address." - You've Got Mail

I may not live in New York, but I adore this time of year. I loved the first day of school and I loved school supplies even more. I used to cook up elaborate reasons why I needed new school supplies every semester, and would patrol the aisles of my local office supply store until my parents threatened to not buy me one thing if I didn't make my choice. Of course I needed gel AND ballpoint pens, in addition to every color of sharpie ever made (including metallics)...I couldn't succeed without them!

Office supplies aren't as cool once you work in an office. I still secretly love trips to office supply stores, though.

I've been working on a post about last weekend in Napa, but haven't been able to finish it yet. Maybe tomorrow.

Til then, here's a pic from the trip!